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Life Altering

by sharon dann
(fraser valley, B.C., Canada)

2008 I was driving with my lil guy who is nearly 4yrs old now but was 15mos at the time. Turned left where the intersection was not, at the time controlled, or properly maintained. Since my memory is still too flawed, I am sharing this info based on what I have been told. A 5ton truck that was loaded with some kind of cargo hit the car, dragged it about 20ft then drove on top of the car, crushing it. My lil guy and I still recover from brain injury which is like brain damage. I have a fantastic lawyer dealing with the case. Due to her hard work and whatever she has done already, the intersection is now maintained and controlled. No one that I know was familiar with head injury. We all knew an MVA could cause organ damage, broken bones, scars, but nothing about head injury which changes memory, personality, coping, employment and so many other parts of life...which is why I titled it Life Altering.

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