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Since the 1970's, Legal Insurance Plans have given over 1,000,000 families and small businesses access to a legal system mostly available to the wealthy.  They will do the same for you.
  Many families never consider calling lawyers. The resoundingCars Accidents Lawyers - Legal Insurance can save you thousands reason is the high cost that makes the legal system like an exclusive members-only group.

Their needs have created an absolutely productive, success-focused, and ahead-of-its-time legal service industry.  This "exceptional advance forward" comprehensive legal and legal consulting system consistently over-delivers unique solutions and outstanding results.


Cars Accidents Lawyers - Legal Insurance costs less than a cup of coffee a day


Why talk with a lawyer for an hour who is looking for that huge handout later...
When you could have your attorney on speed-dial and not worry about the bill.


  • Motor Vehicle legal services included 

  • Assistance with moving traffic violations  

  • Certain car accident and motor vehicle related criminal charges 

  • Assistance with driver's license issues 

  • Personal injury and property damage collections


Not sure how your case fits in?
You're covered in every state and the primary provinces of Canada!  And if you are married with children or have a significant other ....well....your entire family may be covered all because you are a member yourself.

Cars Accidents Lawyers - Legal Insurance is affordable for you and your entire familyLegal Insurance! makes it easy for you to create a professional, secure, and beneficial legal consultant relationship with a lawyer experienced lawyer who is interested in your well-being and success, because she isn't waiting to take from your settlement.


A lawyer with his hands in your pockets every step of the way just doesn't make sense today.

Simply put, Legal Insurance! is the absolute best individual, family and small business legal solution in the world.

  • Cars Accidents Lawyers - Legal Insurance is the answer to know your rightsUnlimited Consultations - just pick up the phone to speak with an experienced and responsive lawyer 

  • Letters written by your legal team on your behalf

  • Legal document reviews - sign nothing until your attorney looks it over first 

  • Trial Defense Services 

  • IRS Audit and Legal Services

  • Custody, Divorce, Bankruptcy Filings offered at staggering reductions 

  • Comprehensive WILLS & L-Powers of Attorney for you and your spouse or significant partner with yearly updates

  • No Contracts.  Month-to-Month 

  • Customer Service unheard of in the Legal Profession!  Want a different attorney? Just ask to change up to 3 times!  It's rarely done, but you have an opportunity that even the rich don't get.

  • AVA-Rated Lawyers!

A Shield of Rights that helps to protect you with just a single phone call


If You Don't Know Your Rights You Don't Have Any

All the experts, all available with one phone call, all for one price, and all brought together into the most clear and comprehensive, step-by-step system that works.  

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