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It Was An Angel That Saved Us



It was the beginning of Spring Break and me and my friends were driving home from the mall. I was driving and I had 3 of my best friends in the car. Tyler sat next to me in the passenger seat, Leah sat in the back on the left side, and Patricia sat next to her on the right side. We were all wearing our seatbelts.I was driving down the road, going the speed limit, as we all listened to Tyler's iPod. I passed through a yellow light because I didn't have time to stop. I glanced to my right, slightly up ahead, and that's when I saw an Orange truck. I remember thinking he'll see me and stop, but as I got closer, I realized he wasn't stopping. He ran a red light and time seemed to slow down. I closed my eyes because I knew there was nothing I could do to avoid it. He hit the right side of my car and I vividly remember being thrust to the left side of my car. My car did a full turn and another half turn. The windows were down, and thank God they were, otherwise my head would have gone right through that window. I remember finally coming to a stop, the horn was going off, just like a horror movie, and I remember the blast of heat from the airbags. My wrists were burning and felt very sore. I kept my eyes closed for what felt like the longest time because I thought my friends were dead!! Tyler reached over, thinking the same thing, and touched my shoulder to see if I was ok. We all just looked at each other like "What just happened???" Ironically, there was a fire truck that was driving right behind us. Paramedics showed up and took Leah and Patricia to the hospital with minor injuries. Me and Tyler had a couple bruises but nothing serious. Patricia had cuts on her face and had to get stitches. Leah was thought to have internal bleeding from the seat belt, but the scan told us she just had bruising. It could have been so much worse. I could have lost my friends that day. I believe we had an Angel watching over us that day, because I don't think 4 kids could survive being hit at 45 mph. I had a cross necklace hanging from my rear view mirror, which I think somehow saved us. I wear it everyday and I am so grateful that my friends are alive. It was very real and very scary, but I will never forget it.

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