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Ice is deadly.

by Kerri
(Greensboro, NC)

My mom and I were driving on the early winter morning the day after Christmas. I was snuggled up in the reclined front seat. I was lying on a blanket and had my seat belt on. My mom also had hers on. In the middle o my nap I woke up to my mom gasping as the car spun around in circles.

A man had cut us off, so in order to avoid being hit my Mom tried to get out of the way but ended up hitting a patch of ice. Our car spun, flipped, and nose dived into a ditch on the side of the road.

As I woke I was very startled and had no clue what was happening! But as our car flipped I slid right out of my seatbelt and flew into the back seat. I was knocked out as soon as I landed. I remember waking up and I could not breathe. I tried so hard just to get a gasp of air but instead I made the worst groaning noise I had ever heard. I tried to sit up but my back was twisted. My mom had been fine and she turned around and told me the ambulance was on it's way.

When the ambulance got there they put me on the stretcher and that's when I started to cry. I was only 14 and this was my first time to the hospital. I had later learned that on my attempt to grab onto something as I was mid-air I had kicked my mom in the chest...and kicked the window. My leg was also in bad shape. I now have a scar of when I kicked through the glass.

I spent my Christmas break lying in a hospital bed waiting for my back to heal. I'm so grateful I was not paralyzed! Just remember to always be careful when there is ice on the road!

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