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How to Ruin a Sunny Day

by Mary
(Holbrook, NY, USA)

I was stopped to make a left turn at a difficult intersection. There was no traffic light or stop sign there. I was readying to make my turn when I was hit from behind.

I stayed in my seat with my seatbelt still on. The woman who hit me jumped out of her car and started screaming at me, "You didn't have your lights on!!!" I ignored her and said nothing, figuring she was high on something since it was a sunny summer morning. I decided it best to wait in my car for the police to arrive.

The police asked me to pull out of the intersection, but my frame was bent and my two back tires were blown. I stayed put until an ambulance arrived. The woman who hit me was also taken to the hospital as her airbag had deployed.

Later, I discovered she was high on prescription drugs. I had nerve damage to my neck and right arm. It could have been far worse, as she hit me doing about 50 mph. I am grateful that I was not killed, but would have preferred it if she had stayed off the road altogether.

By the way the county finally put a traffic light at the intersection.

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