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Hit by car

by Mary
(Monessen Pa.)

My daughter can't tell the story as she has traumatic brain injuries. She was hit by a car at a crosswalk last May. She was life flighted and not expected to live. She had 5 skull fractures, 3 blood clots in the brain, a clot in leg,all her bones were broken in her leg, right foot broken and left shoulder. Her forehead and every bone in her face. She has plates in her jaws, face had to be repaired and metal plate in forehead. She had traumatic brain injury which has affected long term and short term memory. She was in hospital for about a month then moved to physical rehab, from ther a nursing home. From May to December she was working to get better. She was discharged to come to live with me. It has been a long battle and still continues. As you read this I'm sure it sounds awful. I'm not able to find an attorney that will take her case because she was drunk! She was visibly drunk and the Inn continued to serve her, she asked for a room for the night and they said they had no vacancy (later learned the did) also talked to people that were at the Inn and said she was visibly intoxicated. Because she was drunk does she not deserve compensation? Do you no longer feel anything since I've said she was drunk. The kicker is they sold her beer to go. Please give me your opinion on this any advice would be deeply appreciated thank you My email is mfk418@yahoo.com

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