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How To Get Banned From
Google Adsense In Just 2 Clicks - PART 2

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Important tips to keep your Google Adsense account active.
1. Watch your Adsense account for unusual activity. 

2. Have Google block your own IP address from click-through income off your site.  If you have a dynamic IP then this won't work, because your IP address changes each time you log on.  You may also request an ISP to be blocked from counting click-through income, but be careful with this request.  If your ISP is large, then you will have blocked many potential customers. 

3. Follow up an unknown click-through spike with an email to Google Adsense. Explain that there isn't a known reason for such a spike and that you value the account. Competitors of some sites have deliberately created massive false clicks to cause Google to cancel the competitors account.

4. Diversify affiliate use - An income stream with one provider is always risky.  

5.  Don’t tell anyone that you benefit by clicking on ads.  
Well-intentioned family and friends may click on your ads to increase revenue, but the inconsistency easily gets noticed.  False clicks raise the cost to advertisers and in the long run the lack of sales success dilutes Adsense effectiveness.

Should you be unfortunate to be banned and honestly did not cause the offense, try writing Google a cooperative email showing your concern and support of proper Adsense activity. Offer to help them by researching your traffic logs. Explain again that you honor their Terms of Service and that you did not click on your own ads. Ask that you be reinstated.

Google Adsense is under no obligation to reinstate your account and in many cases form emails are continually sent denying a request. Before you get through to a live person, you may have sent and received four or five emails only to get similar robot responses. 

It's frustrating, but if you're legitimate and honest about the problem, it might be worthwhile to continue writing.

The Google Adsense support staff does its job well. If you are able to bypass the robot email in this situation, be sure to keep a considerate tone to your requests. These people doing their jobs follow policy that is designed for millions of users.

Integrity of website developers is important to keep Google Adsense running for everyone on the net.

Follow up with more tips to help protect 
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