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Good friend to the rescue.

by Audrey
(Sacramento, CA)

I was in a car accident on my way to work one morning. It was early and I had a tire blow out on my way down the exit ramp. I ended up plowing head first into the guard rail. It was the scariest moment of my life.

I called my boss and she imediately came out to stay with me while waiting for the police to come. I had my dog with me and she helped to make sure she was taken care of and stayed with me until my car had been towed away. She gave me a ride home and the day off.

I called a friend when I got home and he took the day off of his work to drive an hour to my house and take me to get a rental car. Once we got to the rental car place he waited there until I was able to drive off in my car.

This was really great and really helped make things easier for me. They told me my car was totalled after about a week and this same friend actually drove down to the rental car place with me to return the car, and give me a ride home. Everyone needs a friend like that.

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