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While a free lemon car check may be advertised, they are usually a 'hook' to get you to use a certain vehicle VIN reporting service. Just remember that "you get what you pay for", so don't be afraid to pay for a report that includes a lemon title check.
At AutoCheck you can run a free VIN check that will verify the year, make and model of the vehicle. This free check will also reveal the number of historical records that AutoCheck is able to find.

Once you have verified the basic information about the vehicle, that the year, make and model match the VIN of the vehicle you might be considering purchasing, then it's time to run a full vehicle history report. At AutoCheck this vehicle history report will include a free lemon car check.

A "lemon" when used in relation to a motor vehicle describes a vehicle that failed to meet the standards expressed by the manufacturer's warranties. These are cars that have been duds from the minute they left the factory.

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In most cases the manufacturer will replace the vehicle with another new vehicle or refund the purchase price to the customer who purchased the lemon. The refund of the purchase price is usually calculated allowing for an adjustment based on the length of time that the vehicle was used.

When a vehicle has been part of a manufacturer buyback a lemon title is supposed to be issued. Often these cars are then "fixed" and resold. An unsuspecting consumer may purchase this vehicle not realizing that it has a history as a lemon.

While a free lemon car check doesn't really exist, the nominal fee for a complete vehicle history report will provide a lemon title check. The peace of mind offered by this report is well worth the small fee.

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