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AutoCheck does not permit its affiliates to use the term - free complete AutoCheck report - when promoting AutoCheck. At first this seems strange, but after a little further reading it becomes clear why.

AutoCheck does offer free complete AutoCheck report checks to give you an opportunity to see just how valuable the AutoCheck benefits can be for you. In each free record check you'll see listings of your current vehicle with summaries that you should recognize. Errors in VIN numbers can create errors in the various databases. It's worth a check up that's easy to get right now. See below.

The AutoCheck Vehicle History Reports are detailed documents that provide tremendous vehicle history of your particular car or the vehicle you are interested in buying. We recommend that you pay the few extra dollars to get the AutoCheck Vehicle History Report. An ounce of prevention in this case can be worth much more than a pound later on.

AUTOCHECK Vehicle History Reports
AUTOCHECK® that pre-owned vehicle

before you buy

Order an AutoCheck® Vehicle History Report  ... Don't get taken for a drive. Protect yourself from buying used cars with costly hidden troubles. Start your search now. Enter your VIN below...
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A free complete AutoCheck record check is a report worth getting on your existing used car, new vehicle or motorcycle AutoCheck report. However, the free record check only tells you enough information to get you interested. Most companies offer some type of marketing in this manner. At CAA we recommend that you obtain the AutoCheck Vehicle history report. You can sign up for an entire month of use, so the few dollars are worth the information you get back right away.

AutoCheck reports provide extensive vehicle history for every used car Vehicle Identification number you enter into its system. The information comes from many different private and public sources including but not limited to state departments of Motor Vehicles, state registry offices, the car manufacturer itself, and car inspection centers.

Know More About The Car Than The Seller!

In many cases you will actually have advanced information about the vehicle that the seller either doesn't know or doesn't want to reveal to you. How can you not want to buy a used vehicle without this information. It's the safety net in used car buying. That's why we recommend AutoCheck strongly for all our readers.

AutoCheck Vehicle history Report help you right now?

AutoCheck reports serve as a way for you as a potential buyer of used cars to know more about the complete history of the cars you want to purchase.

  • Was it flooded?
  • What is its accident and repair history?
  • Has there been an odometer rollback?
  • Where was this car used?
  • Was this a commercial vehicle used up the mountains of Hawaii as a rental car?
  • Was it parked with one driver?
  • The complete list of options can appear endless for some vehicles...

It’s never safe to assume that a used car is in good condition just because it looks like it’s in good condition. As a car buyer AutoCheck can provide a vehicle history that isn't available at the time of purchase. An unscrupulous seller or dealer simply can't get around the AutoCheck vehicle history report information.

Leave the Lemons on the Lot

They can deny revealing information all they want, but that's where you get to move on knowing you left a lemon on the lot. It's that easy with Order AutoCheck Vehicle History Reports .

Many things can go wrong in a car’s past that you would have no way of knowing without a free AutoCheck record check or vehicle history report. That’s the value of an AutoCheck . The car could previously have been a rental car worn out from mountain travel or one of the many flooded vehicles now being moved around the country to be sold as perfect. Complete your used car purchase by knowing BEFORE you buy just what you will own. Get a Don't buy a rebuilt wreck. . .Order an AutoCheck Vehicle History Report .

If you need the Free AutoCheck Record Checks to get started, that's fine. However, it's strongly recommended to spend the few extra dollars to know just where that used car has been by getting a AutoCheck Vehicle History Report .

You'll need the car's vehicle identification number or VIN in order to get a record check or vehicle history report for the specific vehicle you want.

Many cars have undetectable repairs that could have been involved in a minor or even a major accident, but expertly repaired with no obvious visible clues.

Your car could have damage from fire or flood that easily cleans up, but soon after purchase creates headaches for the new owner.

Vehicles with faulty odometer readings can be identified with an AutoCheck vehicle history report. Some vehicles have even been issued a salvage or rebuilt title after they have been listed as complete disasters.

These are all serious scams currently passed from an unscrupulous owner to an innocent and unknowing buyer. AutoCheck is highly recommended in these instances and a
free complete AutoCheck report can be the start that saves you from a future problem.

Are you looking at a lemon?

Vehicle history reports also tell you the number of previous owners and all the states the car has previously been registered in. Some state anti lemon laws can help you recover when you've already purchased a vehicle. Getting a AutoCheck lemon report after the fact can reveal information necessary for prosection. AutoCheck lemon reports usually have an additional charge, but it's small and well worth the cost.

When you're shopping around for that special car, you'll probably want to get an unlimited number of AutoCheck vehicle history reports. This is where saving a dollar can cost you thousands. The free report is great and always recommended, but having the option to obtain reports on any other car you may consider buying is a safe and inexpensive investment.

For a nominal fee, you can order an unlimited number of AutoCheck vehicle history reports for a 30-day period that begins after your first report is delivered.

Included with every AutoCheck vehicle history report is another report that describes information about

  • safety recalls on your vehicle make and model,
  • the results of crash tests,
  • reliability ratings and
  • an estimate of how much it generally costs to operate this type of car.

Even though manufacturers are required to notify vehicle owners of car recalls, the current owner is responsible for making the appointment and getting the car repair completed. Obviously, this doesn't always happen, so knowing the recall history of a used car you're considering to buy can save you much money.

As as example, the 2002 Volkswagen Jetta had a recall for front automatic window lifters. VW dealerships would replace these lifters at no charge, but vehicles sold without the recall adjustment were almost certain to have lifter failures. Most used car buyers would think this was an out of warranty problem and pay for the repair when a simple glance at a recall list would show them how to get the repair paid for by the manufacturer.

To get a copy of your AutoCheck report including the AutoCheck Safety and Reliability report information, simply login to your AutoCheck account. The reports combine an easy-to-understand format and eye-catching graphics with information that can save you much time and money.

Why is this important? It means you’ll know in a few seconds whether or not that shiney car you're heart desires is still worth purchasing.

Multiple Searches - AutoCheck Login Page

Do you like what you see? Go to the AutoCheck login page again and enter in another Vehicle Identification Number. Do this for every used car you think you might want to purchase. Obtaining vehicle history reports takes only a few minutes, but could save you hours of needless hassle later on.

AutoCheck Hot Listings

You can benefit from a free AutoCheck check and get a complete report that is actually free by signing up for the AutoCheck Hot Listings. Here you’ll find information on used cars that have already been checked out by AutoCheck.

Enter in the year, make and model of the car you’re interested in purchasing, your zip code and the distance in miles you’re willing to travel to find a car that meets your criteria. AutoCheck then searches its database and pulls up a free complete AutoCheck report for every car it finds that matches your criteria.

Various types of damage not easily noticed can appear on an AutoCheck vehicle history report. Flooded cars damaged by hurricane Katrina were quickly moved into the market place. Order AutoCheck Vehicle History Reports have revealed many types of hidden damage not easily discovered even through a visual investigation.


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