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A free AutoCheck report is one of the truly free things available to the car buyer. While a minimal report can be accessed without cost at the website, a comprehensive report will cost a nominal fee.
While some car buyers will only look for the free vehicle report, a wise car buyer will pay the nominal fee, especially if they are "shopping" around for the best deal, and get the comprehensive, unlimited vehicle history report option. The unlimited option allows the car buyer to run an unlimited number of vehicle history reports for a 60 day period.

Looking for a used car? Get a FREE VIN check at AutoCheck®.

Not all sellers of motor vehicles offer a free vehicle history report. For the car buyer who is shopping from private sellers, rather than a dealership, a free Autocheck is not going to be offered. It is this car buyer who should invest in the unlimited option, after all just because the seller looks like the little lady who only drives the car to the church on Sunday, the previous owner could have been a wannabe stock-car racer.

If you are looking to buy a car from a private seller, do not take a chance. Forget the free AutoCheck report and purchase the full motor vehicle check. The information will be invaluable in the long run as it helps you make a wise buying decision.

For instance, would you want to buy that good-looking, not-a-scratch-or-dent, smells-like-new vehicle, if you knew it was salvaged? How about that car you've been dreaming about, no way you could afford, but found for sale at a price you can definitely afford? The vehicle history report would show you if it had been damaged in a flood or fire. Now, does that dream car still look like a bargain?

Do you see? Relying on a free Autocheck report, unless it a free comprehensive report provided by a dealership, is like putting your eggs in a basket with a hole on the bottom. Sooner or later those eggs are going to start falling out and you are going to have one big mess! Get an AutoCheck Vehicle History Report before buying your next car you'll be glad you did.

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