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A free AutoCheck report provides the minimal information, such as: verification of the Vehicle Identifi-cation Number (VIN). The free report will also confirm the year, make and model of the vehicle with that particular VIN. In addi-tion, this AutoCheck report will let you know how many historical records are available for that vehicle.
A full vehicle history report that provides the most extensive informa-tion does cost a nominal fee. However, if you are shopping for a car there is an easy way to get a free AutoCheck report. More and more car dealers are becoming partners with AutoCheck and are more than happy to provide a vehicle history report.

Looking for a used car? Get a FREE VIN check at AutoCheck®.

Auto dealers know that more car buyers want to know the vehicle's history before buying the car. Rather than lose a sale, savvy dealers are providing a free AutoCheck report for their customers. In fact, when I went car shopping, I told the salesman that I wanted the VIN number of the car I was considering so that I could go home and run a vehicle history report. The salesman jumped and disappeared only to reappear minutes later with a complete vehicle history report!

Needless to say I was quite relieved that the dealership bore the cost of the vehicle history report. So the next time you are car shopping, ask if the dealer offers free vehicle history reports.

For you car buyers that are internet savvy, check the auto dealership's website. Smart dealerships are now partnering with AutoCheck to provide buyers a free AutoCheck report when entered through the dealer's website. Look for dealers who provide this service and save a little bit of money.

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