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A free AutoCheck history report is an absolute necessity if one is looking to buy a quality used car. While the actual free report reveals limited information about the vehicle, the full vehicle history report that can be ordered for a minimal fee is actually the report that will prove most beneficial.
One way to obtain a free Autocheck report is to ask the auto dealership to provide a vehicle history report for any vehicle that you are considering for purchase. More and more dealerships are providing these reports as they can be a powerful tool for closing a sale on a used vehicle.

Since the free history report obtained via the dealership reveals the actual reported history of the vehicle, many buyers are more confident about their purchase. This is the main reason many dealerships offer the free report either at the dealership, or available online.

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If you are shopping private sellers, then the free AutoCheck history report or free AutoCheck report may not be the route to go. In that case, you might consider the unlimited AutoCheck vehicle history reports option. For sixty days you can run an unlimited number of vehicle history reports thru AutoCheck; the other's unlimited option is limited to just 30 days.

To learn about possible problems with a vehicle's title, odometer, or event history you need to consider bypassing the free history report, and go straight to the AutoCheck complete vehicle history check. Find out if your vehicle has been re-titled as a lemon, a flood, salvage or a rebuilt vehicle. Learn about any reported crashes that your vehicle has been involved in.

This extensive information is not available in the free AutoCheck history report, unless it is a free report provided by a dealership. Therefore a wise shopper will obtain the comprehensive vehicle history report provided by AutoCheck.

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