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I had a car that my grandparents had given me, and it was a well managed taken care of car.

My boyfriend had been using it to go to work, so we could get him a car and get our own place and stuff.

Then one day, he was coming back home from work at 5.30AM and he was involved in a terrible collision. A car had come out of no where and smashed into him. He was spun and turned to block a couple of the lanes on the freeway.

When I showed up at the scene, there was a car overturned, a cement truck, and 5 other cars. Mine was completely demolished. The whole front end had been smashed and was coming off. The engine was popping out and it was smoking.

When we got the accident report, it wasn't very detailed. It claimed that it was "other than driver" as the cause of accident. However, the car that smashed into mine shouldn't have swerved into my car. It should have gone the other way. But their insurance company is covering 100% coverage of vehicle and injuries.

My boyfriend suffered from some ankle, knee, chest, and wrist pain. Then a few days later he was fired from his job, because he didn't have a way there and they are in the process of moving, and they just decided he didn't need to be there anymore.

And he didn't have medical insurance yet, so we didn't get him checked out because he didn't want to be stuck with bills; there is no money to be spared. But now he has started feeling all these pains.

It's now been almost a month and he still has some pain in those areas. And when we drive, he gets nervous and overly cautious. I'm worried that there could be more damage than what he tells me.

My car was only worth $2700, which in California, you wont find a decent car for that amount. They are pretty much scrap metal. So I'm trying to see what I can get out of this, because we lost a job and we are about to get kicked out because we have no income. My car is totaled and the pain and emotional shock of it all and possible pain in the future...and the fact that my car was a very dependable and well taken care of...it's just a tragedy.

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