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People who have been in car accidents often need to purchase a new or used vehicle before an insurance company releases a check.
For many of these people that purchase comes at a time when they need all their money just to survive. So, putting their trust in a used car salesman isn't a comforting option.

I most often recommend to anyone looking for a used car to go look at a few, but don't buy yet.
Bring back the VIN numbers - the Vehicle Identification Numbers - and obtain an Experian Auto Check report or record check on each of them.

Looking for a used car? Get a FREE VIN check at AutoCheck®.
You can get a free auto record check, but if you're planning to look at more than one used car or if the free autocheck report turns up some listings, I strongly suggest that you get a two month subscription.

It doesn't cost a lot of money and in the long run it could save you from buying a lemon, getting a rebuilt flood damaged vehicle or even having a car where the odometer was rolled back.

Buying a used auto? Get the AutoCheck advantage with the #1...

car1The AutoCheck Score is the best tool you can use for making a vehicle purchase decision. It's the first time there has been a number based on known issues to give you a relative understanding of the condition of the vehicle.

The AutoCheck report provides information in the following areas:

Title Check Problem Check Odometer Check Vehicle Use
Salvaged Frame Damage Rolled Back Accidents
Rebuilt Lemon Broken Theft
Fire Damage Salvage Auction Exceeds Limit Police/Taxi Use
Damaged Water Damage Suspect Miles Fleet Car
As the economy changes more and more, it seems that more and more swindlers discover they have fewer and fewer ethics. It's easy for a bodyshop to replace a damaged front grill and windshield and repaint the entire car to a vehicle that was totally salvaged with a bent frame. Talented bodyshop crews can repair and repaint an auto co well that even the most experienced car expert couldn't tell. That's rarely done to a vehicle repaired to make some fast cash, but to the average person simple overspray and a little debris in the paint goes unnoticed.

Here's where Experian Auto Check becomes your best friend. Most, but no all vehicle incidents, get listed in a national database. That means that you can catch odometer fraud when an Auto check listing shows mileage higher than the current reading on the car.

Or you can see a vehicle that's been listed as salvaged that is now bright and shiny on a dealer lot. I don't want a salvaged vehicle that was gutted by fire or had total water damage no matter how bright and shiny it is.

The AutoCheck vehicle report covers at least four major categories of a vehicle's history, thus guaranteeing that you have the most comprehensive information available about that vehicle. By providing information on Title Check, Problem Check, Odometer Check and Vehicle Use and Event Check, AutoCheck covers a vehicle's entire existence from the day it rolls out of the showroom floor to the date it finally arrives to the place where you are looking at it.

It was this part of the report that saved me several hundred dollars when I purchased my vehicle. The mileage was about twice what it should have been for a two-year old car. The vehicle history report showed that the car had originally been owed by a car rental company. With that information I was able to negotiate a lower price.

The small fee charged for unlimited AutoCheck vehicle report can be more than paid for when it comes time to negotiate the purchase price of the vehicle. An Experian auto check may even save you money in repairs and maintenance by helping to see if the vehicle has a clean record. Lemon laws might be great to help you recover money from a problem purchase, but that recovery takes effort and time after the fact.

Getting an unlimited AutoCheck vehicle report before you purchase arms you with additional information to help you avoid problems and negotiate a lower price.

AUTOCHECK Vehicle History Reports
AUTOCHECK® that pre-owned vehicle

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