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Emergency car kits can be as important as a spare tire.

Emergency car kits are a must have for every vehicle on the road. If you don't have an emergency bag in your car you are evidently one of those people who enjoy living on the edge.

As we continue to be a mobile nation, with hundreds of thousands if not millions of people driving every day, then it behooves every person to be prepared. A roadside emergency can occur without warning, at the most inconvenient time and in the most remote places.

A few moments now, can save minutes, hours and maybe even.lives. How much better to be prepared and never need those emergency car kits, than to ignore this advice and suffer needlessly. A minimum commitment of time and or money now can turn into an invaluable investment in the event of a breakdown or accident.

There are a wide variety of emergency car kits available for purchase. Most of these car kits are designed to supply the very basics for a roadside emergency, including: food, water, warmth, a first aid kit, a flashlight and maybe a flare. After purchasing one of these commercially-prepared bags, they can be modified for the particular needs of the driver and passengers or based on the season.

Just as seasonally, we should prepare our vehicles by checking fluids, getting tune-ups, etc, we should also prepare the emergency car kits that are in our vehicles. For instance, as the season changes from summer into fall, we all should prepare for winter driving. If you've carried extra water for the summer, perhaps you need to check that you have an emergency blanket now.

You can even create your own emergency car kits, personalized to your own particular needs. I was once involved in a minor accident in an old pickup that didn't have shoulder harnesses. When the accident occurred my head hit the windshield and my glasses broke. That's when it would have been handy to have an extra pair of eyeglasses in an emergency car kit.

With a little effort now you can ensure that, should a roadside emergency occur, you and your loved ones will have the items necessary. Emergency car kits should be a must have for every vehicle, just like a spare tire or jack.

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