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An emergency bag for vehicle emergencies can be invaluable.

Every vehicle should have an emergency bag. This is a bag that contains items necessary for survival in a roadside emergency, whether that's a mechanical or weather-related breakdown, or other disaster.

You may think that if you live in a large metropolitan area that you don't need to have emergency supplies in your vehicle. After all, chances are that any type of roadside emergency event will occur within cell phone distance of assistance. Even should the cell phone fail, help will probably be a short walk away.

Unfortunately emergencies occur on the road, even on city streets, where an emergency bag could make the difference between mild inconvenience and something much worse. For instance, even a simple first aid kit with bandages, gauze pads and sterile tape can be invaluable until emergency professionals arrive.

A good emergency bag should contain water, food, and something for warmth or protection from the elements, such as a solar blanket or poncho. The bag should also contain a first aid kit, and a few minimum tools such as a multi-purpose knife and a folding shovel. A well-stocked emergency bag will also carry that "miracle on a roll".duct tape.

I found a large black diaper bag that I have in the back of my car. It's large enough to hold a plastic case that contains jumper cables, as well as a quart of oil, a quart of power steering fluid, a bottle of brake fluid and some epoxy weld. In the side pockets I have a couple of bottles of water, some peanut granola bars, and beef jerky. In another pocket there's a small first aid kit, a poncho and a solar blanket.

Because I created my own emergency car kit, I have also thrown in a few items that have proven invaluable in other situations. Of course, there's a roll of duct tape, but also a roll of electrical tape, a lock-back knife and a roll of stranded picture-hanging wire. I've also tossed in a pair of gloves, some moist wipes, a zip lock bag of paper towels and another of toilet paper.

Now you can purchase a commercially-prepared car emergency kit that is stocked enough to sustain one adult for 72 hours. These 72-hour kits contain a few boxes of water, a 3600-calorie food bar, a poncho or solar blanket and a first aid kit. They may also contain a couple of 20-hour hand/body warmers, matches and a 100-hour candle, as well as a couple of light sticks.

Whether you choose to buy an emergency bag or create your own, you should make sure that every vehicle in your garage has one. Emergencies can occur at any time and any place, you do not want you or your loved ones to be caught without at least the bare minimum in emergency supplies. Remember: "Failure to prepare is to prepare for fail."

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