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Driving Drunk

"41% of all car accident fatalities"

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In 2002, 41% of all car accident related fatalities were caused by someone who was driving drunk.  

In the time it takes you to read this article, 1 person will have died in the U.S. because of an alcohol related car accident.  Hundreds more lives will be adversely affected from this senseless loss all started by the entertainment value one drunk driver obtained from a tasty alcoholic drink.

17,000 drunk driving related deaths occur every year in the United States 
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The most tragic thing about all of these deaths and accidents is that they could easily have been prevented had the person behind the wheel simply stayed home.  

These numbers are horrific, but they don’t take into account the true extent of the damage that is caused by driving drunk.  The widespread effects of these accidents affect the families of everybody involved as well as the community as a whole. 

There are many different organizations, such as MADD, that have been set up to teach people to refrain from driving while drinking alcohol at all.   

While the problem still persists, these organizations and standards are having a major effect on the problem.  Even companies that sell alcoholic beverages work to reduce the number of people driving drunk by using ad time to promote designated drivers

However, before accepting to become a designated driver understand that your good Samaritan act comes with risks, too.   For more information see:   "Becoming a Designated Driver:  What to Expect"

Holidays are notorious for incidences of people driving irresponsibly.  You can keep people from driving drunk just by taking a few minor precautions...

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