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by CK

This past week I was in a terrible car accident. I had a green light at a very busy intersection. The white van in front of me drove through cleanly. I was the second car. As I cross over the intersection, I see out of the corner of my eye, a silver car come speeding down and hits my car head on, at full speed. The airbags did not deploy because the other driver hit the front passanger's side right at the headlight but my entire front bumper was ripped off.

The other driver had no idea what happened. She asked me and I had to tell her she went through a red light. A man who driving behind me had to roll down his window and tell her as well. She was in total shock. I wouldn't be surprised if she was texting because only a very distracted driver could have gone through that light.

What bothers me though is that no one got out of their cars to help. Fortunately, I got out of my car and was able to walk, but still no one came over to ask or say anything. I was getting very worried that this would be considered a no-fault accident. In NY, no-fault means that everything is split 50-50 with insurance companies and both rates go up.

After 30 min, a man comes over and tells the police officer that he saw the accident from across the street. He said "the dirty white car" ran the red light. I have a white car, but it was very clean. The other driver has a silver car that was clearly made for speed and to show off. Both cars were Altimas, mine was an 08, hers (it was actually her friend's car) was an 06. The witness then looked at both of us and told the officer that the other driver is the one who went through the red light.

The other driver's friend (who was not in the car!) however, kept telling the driver to change her story. This pissed me off. First, the other driver ADMITTED to me she had no idea she went through a red light and that she was not paying attention. Second, she barely spoke to the cop and did not say anything about me going through a red light. I told the cop what her friend said and the cop flipped out on him and told him to get away from her.

After about an hour, I did have to go to the hospital for terrible chest pains but luckily everything came out clear. I just have to take it easy for the next month.

But the story doesn't end from here. Apparently, the other driver and her "friend" tried to persuade the cop to amend the report. The cop explicitly told them that there was a witness and that the other driver is 100% responsible. The next day, the other driver told her insurance company that they had the report amended. I went over to the police station and the cop who was at the scene said that they lied and no such thing happened. It is the other driver's fault.

What makes me so upset and angry is that out of at least 50 witnesses (the street was very busy), 1 showed up after 30 min. Now don't get me wrong, I am very grateful for him. But it still bothers me because I feel cheated. I also can't believe how someone could tell such a horrible lie and try to make it seem like I went through a red light (which wouldn't make much sense based on traffic, time of day, etc.). I have also lost faith in myself. I've been in 3 accidents before, all with people right around my age. I'm not even 20 yet. I feel as if those who are 18-25 years old are perceived at irresponsible drivers.

I do feel terrible for the other driver. It's a scary thing not to notice something as simple as a red light, especially when it's been red for a good 5 seconds. It wasn't as if she was trying to beat a yellow light. She was clearly in shock and will probably be in shock for a long time. I just hope she will be ok. As for her "friend", well, I won't say what I hope about him...

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