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Disadvantages of Hybrid Electric Vehicles


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Disadvantages of Hybrid Electric Vehicles

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Currently, there are a number of disadvantages of hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) compared to so-called gas-guzzlers. These disadvantages will disappear if the price of gasoline in the US goes high enough, but even $3.20 per gallon is not high enough.

The critical problem is the initial high cost of hybrid vehicles compared to similar sized vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. The hybrid power plant adds about $10,000 dollars to the price of the vehicle at the retail level. That extra ten grand will buy 3,125 gallons of fuel at $3.20 per gallon. This means that a Camry-sized hybrid is comparable to a normal Camry plus a gift card that will allow about 200+ fill-ups.

People who seriously want to save money on their transportation costs do this calculation. Then one of the disadvantages of hybrid electric hybrids becomes apparent, as they discover their total cost of ownership will be higher if they get a hybrid. That usually causes them to rethink and they decide to buy something else.

Because this innovative power system was installed in compact cars first is one of the reasons for the current high cost. The fact that it is a compact car means that all the components must be small and miniaturized. The engineering price tag required to achieve this is largely what makes the new type of power plant more expensive.

The worst of the disadvantages of hybrid cars is that they are not for everybody. The ones currently being offered are SMALL. Contractors who need to carry tools, equipment and workers to jobsites can't fit all that in a hybrid. Large, tall people have no use for a dinky car like a hybrid. Moms with lots of kids, band instruments and pets, need more cargo space.

The current selection of HEVs is only good for people who are: small to average in size, not usually requiring a lot of passenger or cargo volume, wealthier than average, and more concerned about air pollution than their own pocketbooks.

To avoid some of these disadvantages of hybrid electric vehicles, automakers would have done better to try installing hybrid power plants in SUVs and full-size pickups first. Fewer miniature components needed, potentially less costly to engineer, and the existing customer base is used to buying expensive vehicles.

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