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Did the Adjuster's Job

by Michelle
(Waukesha WI)

When my husband was in an auto accident last year we were overwhelmed with things to take care of. Fortunately he wasn't injured badly so we were able to focus on replacing his totalled vehicle.

Our insurance company responded quickly sending a direct deposit amount to our checking account. After reviewing it carefully, we pointed out some features that increased the value of our vehicle and got a little more money. Then, we had to wait to get our $500 deductible back.

Three weeks later our adjuster said she couldn't reach the insurance company of the other driver who caused the accident. I asked her for the information and told her I'd get it myself and let her know.

All I did was call every day and persist in acquiring the necessary information. Within 5 days I did the adjuster's job, and was able to give the adjuster what she needed...what she failed to accomplish over the course of 3 weeks!

In the end we got what we deserved but not without some effort of our own that we feel should have been taken by the adjuster herself. Don't be afraid to take charge and get what yours by involving yourself in the process!

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Feb 21, 2008
That's Called Motivation
by: Anonymous

Great story! I can see you were a lot more motivated to get this taken care of than the adjuster was.

Feb 21, 2008
Should not have to do this
by: Anonymous

I had a similar thing happen to me once when my car was struck by another vehicle. In the past, I had always had the other person's adjuster come to me, do an estimate, and write me a check. Well, in this instance they expected me to use my time to drive over town getting two estimates. Well, in my frustration, I went to about ten places, sent them the two highest estimates, they paid the second highest and then i got it fixed at the lowest place and pocketed the difference. Their "laziness" cost them plenty as I really only just wanted my car fixed.

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