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Deer in Indiana

by dsl

I've spent most of my life in a city, so I foolishly never expected to see a deer while driving to university (in a small Midwest town). It was late at night, driving on a small highway, when I spotted deer crossing the road. Unfortunately, I spotted them too late, and hit one. I came to a complete stop, but not before an impact. I sat there, stopped in the deserted highway in the middle of nowhere, reeling. The other does wisely stayed to the side of the road as I sat, in shock. The deer was still alive, laying on the road with her legs under her. I kept thinking, "are her legs broken?" "is it good she's alive?" "will someone else hit her?" I've always been anti-hunting, but at that point I wished I were a little desensitized because I felt bad for her.

There were so many problems with the situation that seemed normal at the time. I didn't have my brights on (bad in that area); I was on a cell phone; I was singing. But probably the biggest was that I had never been educated on what to do in a deer crossing situation. I'm a relatively recent driver (1 year, 7 mos), so I was terrified and completely horrified at myself. I wish I'd known to a) call the police immediately, b) put my hazards on to keep other cars from hitting her, c) LOOK FOR DEER!

Thankfully, my car still ran fine. The accident looked terrifying in the dark -- hood damage, grille damage -- but in fact, deer can fly through the windshield, even kill; I slowed down just soon enough to avoid a terrible accident. My car was already a beaten hand-me-down passed through other family members, so the fact that it still worked was actually the best news I could get. I made it back to university, called family, worked out a plan.

The stories on this website were a blessing to me. Reading them made me realize that as bad as my accident is, I have a lot to be thankful for. And I'm not alone.

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Mar 21, 2011
some are lucky
by: survivor

yes it helps myself to realize it could always be worse so you got lucky and keep it that way and safe.

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