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Damage Was Caused by a Deer

by Erica

I gotta admit, I never thought I'd say I was in an accident involving a deer! I'm used to living in Arizona and not New York.

My friend and I had gone to have dinner at this neat diner we'd heard about. We were driving along some of the back roads which weren't really well lit.

We were going around one curve when suddenly somthing jumped into the road! We swerved to try and miss it but to no avail. We smacked right into it on the left side of the car.

We weren't going very fast so we didnt' get thrown forward too much. But it was a bit of a hard impact. We got out of the car to see what it was we hit. There was a deer lying there on the ground.

I'm an animal lover and I thought we killed it, even though we didnt' see any blood anywhere. I was going to check to see if the deer was alive when he lifted his head up. He struggled for a few minutes and finally stood up. He turned his head and kind of looked at us and then went loping over the rail and off into the woods.

Since there were no other cars involved, we went ahead and headed home.

I still can't believe all that damage was caused by a deer. The left front side was pretty crumpled up and the headlight was out. It cost a couple hundred dollars for repairs. Needless to say, we are alot more careful driving around any of those roads now!

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Feb 07, 2008
Sounds like you got off lucky!
by: Anonymous

I hit a huge deer in November with my Honda Odyssey, the total damages came out to $5,439. Thankfully I had full coverage on my van though so insurance covered all but my deductible. Unfortunatly the deer didn't fair much better then my van, it broke its neck upon impact.

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