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Credit Union Auto Loan Rates


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Credit Union Auto Loan Rates

Don't overlook your local credit union when looking for a car loan

There are a few things you must decide before applying for a credit union auto loan. First of all you need to know if you want to purchase a new or used car which will determine the credit union auto loan rates.

If purchasing a new car the rate may be lower. Next you need to know the price of the car; the more expensive the car is the higher the credit union auto loan rates may be.

Knowing the difference between fixed rate loans and variable rate loans is also important. A fixed rate means that the rate will not increase or decrease over the years, on the other hand a variable rate will vary. In my opinion it is best to stick with a fixed rate, so you know exactly how much you are spending each payment.

Lastly you need to know the term of the loan. Usually the longer the loan the lower the auto loan rates will be.

Learning about auto loans is a lot easier today. The fastest way to research your options is by searching the internet. By simply entering "credit union auto loan rates" in a search engine such as, you will come up with a lot of useful information.

Currently you can even apply for the loan online instead of going down to your local credit union location. This is convenient as long as you have all the information they are looking for.

While people with good credit may get accepted immediately over the internet, others may be asked for documents in order for the application to proceed. Such documents may include pay stubs to prove income.

Another advantage auto loans being available online is that most websites will give you a calculator that can help you estimate your payments if you know the information mentioned above. Remember the rates are always changing for auto loans, so if you are not satisfied with the auto loan rate being offered you can check back in a month or so.

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