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Cow Car Accident

by Ben
(Milwaukee, WI, USA)

I was in college and bunch of my buddies and myself had driven an hour to a casino. We all had a good time and were on our way back home at about 2 in the morning. We were driving along a country highway when, seemingly out of nowhere, a cow showed up right in front of us.

We were going about 65 MPH. It was a darker cow, so it was more difficult to see. We hit the cow and it honestly seemed as though it just blew up.

The windshield shattered and cow flew into the van, hitting some people in the back even. It was the worst thing that I have ever smelt/felt on my body.

We waited for the police to show up. They came and took the story down. They then informed us they would find out whos cow this was.

Go figure in a little town no one confessed to owning the cow. As a result my friend was short one van for the next few years.

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