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Completing a current settlement (neck injury)

by Brandon

My wife totaled her care two years ago, she was not at fault. She was diagnosed with one herniated disk and one budging disk by two specialists. The adjusters specialist clamed that he did not see a herniated disk however (of course.) Anyway, my wife’s insurance PIP was 10,000 and the maximum payout of the other person was 50,000. I am not to happy with the settlement as it stands, but at this point I guess its to late…

Settlement amount = 28500

1. My wife went to rehab for about 8 months - was charged $6200, pip covered $2800
2. She seen the chiropractor once every 6 weeks. (Maybe a little more often in the beginning most likely 24ish visits) was charged $19500, PIP covered $5824
3. The other dr’s she seen charged a total of $1000 more but I am not sure that those numbers were higher before PIP.
4. Laywer took 33%
5. Total pay out to client = $6200

Maybe you can see why I am a little upset. My wife still needs to see a massage therapist and chiropractor no less than once every 6 weeks. She still has pain, still is limited in what she can do, and still of course, has a herniated disk. Now, if you take the amount we were charged by the chiropractor and divide it by the amount of visits, the total is greater than $800 per visit. Are you telling me a 15 min back pop and a 30 min massage cost $800 these days? Well, my wife’s friend doesn’t have insurance and she comes in to get massage’s for 20$ a pop at this same place…

To wrap this up, my question is this. After the 6200 of rehab, shouldn’t my wife’s general health insurance pick up all of the further adjustments and massages cutting that price down from 19500 to… say 1000 or less? She has great health insurance, she is a nurse at a large hospital… Hope this helps someone, and if anyone has a comment about my case, my email is Bfreeman007@hotmail.com

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