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Complete Vehicle History Report

A Complete Vehicle History Report can save you from a costly mistake.

A complete vehicle history report is a vital tool for any used car buyer, so they can avoid purchasing a vehicle with problems. The process starts with the free VIN report, which can provide confirmation of important vehicle information.

Safeguard Your Investment

Used car buyers need a complete vehicle history report to help safeguard their expensive investment. Most consumers in the market for a used vehicle are unsure of how to choose the best car for their money. Since used vehicles for sale could have been involved in an accident or a natural disaster, buyers are wise to investigate the purchase in several ways before committing to buy any vehicle. Protect yourself from hidden problems. Check the vehicle's history before you buy with an official AutoCheck® vehicle history report.

  • Using an inspection checklist, go over the car thoroughly or ask a trusted friend or family member to inspect the vehicle for you.
  • Take the car for a test drive, being certain to take the car up to highway speeds and in stop-and-go traffic.
  • Ask the current owner for the maintenance records and discuss the car's history with him.
  • Have a trustworthy mechanic that you have chosen inspect the car.
  • Obtain a complete vehicle history report, such as AutoCheck from Experian, to alert you to any possible problems with the vehicle. If any questionable information appears, you can choose to purchase a more detailed report.
Verify the VIN

Running a vehicle report using the Vehicle Information Number (VIN) will confirm that your vehicle is the year, make, and model that the seller is advertising. The engine information can also be confirmed this way. If the buyer needs more information, it is readily available for a small fee. AutoCheck by Experian offers a detailed report that includes information regarding whether the vehicle has been salvaged, damaged by fire or water, suffered an accident or rebuilt. Consumers will also find out if the vehicle has been has been designated a lemon, was used as a police vehicle, or has ever been reported stolen. Don't buy a used car without AutoChecking it first.

Odometers Can Lie

Odometer checks are also available to view if the displayed mileage is accurate or if the odometer has been rolled back or is broken. Using AutoCheck will give consumers the official AutoCheck Score, a number that allows shoppers to compare several cars of the same make and model easily and without confusion.

A Wise Purchase Decision

Therefore, while they cannot get a complete vehicle history report, consumers who are in the market for a used vehicle should always remember to get their complete vehicle history report before making a purchase decision. Remember, since it's easy and free, the first step should be checking the VIN at Experian; one of the simplest and most helpful decisions you can make. Shopping for a used car? For only $44.99, an AutoCheck® Unlimited lets you check unlimited VINs for vehicle history for 60 days.

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