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Christmas Eve Crash

by LaWanda Biles
(Ellerbe, NC)

It was Christmas Eve 1995. My husband, my son, our dog, and myself were making an hour-long trip to visit relatives. I was driving on Hwy 74 in Wadesboro, NC. It was a somewhat drizzly night.

Up ahead I saw a red light. After we stopped for the light, I noticed two cars in front of me. The one right in front was a BMW. As the light turned green and the 2 cars in front of me started to take off, I took my foot off the brake and instantly there was a crash from behind us.

Thankfully we did not hit the BMW because he had already taken off. I pulled over into the turn lane, turned on my hazard lights and checked on my family. They were shaken but not hurt. Upon getting out of the car we saw a small red car had rear ended us.

A bystander called the police and report the accident. The lady who was driving the red car said she never saw us or the light. She had been changing her radio channel. The police officer who came to the scene took all of our information.

He later told us the lady never hit her brakes and impacted with us at 48 mph. Come to find out she didnt have insurance. The 1994 Eagle we were driving was completely totalled. Needless to say, it was a Christmas Eve none of us will forget.

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