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Cheapest Auto Rental

Finding the cheapest car rental is just a matter of doing a little homework

Finding the cheapest auto rental is often the goal in these days of a shaky economy. To that end, there are a number of auto rental agencies that advertise that they offer low and economical rates.

So how does one know that they company they are renting a vehicle from actually has the cheapest auto rental rates? By going online and doing the homework, one can actually locate the best rates in a very short time.

For instance I went to the Orbitz site. There I indicated that I wanted to pick up the vehicle at DFW airport on February 11, a Monday, and return it on Friday, February 15th. I indicated that both pickup and drop off would occur at 11:00 am and that the driver was over 25 years old.

Immediately I received a table comparison of the top 10 car rental agencies in the U.S. The table indicated whether the rental company had an "in terminal" or "off airport" pickup site. It also showed the price for different classes or sizes of vehicles, such as: economy, compact, midsize, standard and full size.

For an economy car, picked up at the airport (in terminal) the cheapest auto rental was $22 a day, for a total of $155 for the entire five day period. The most expensive economy car was for $38 a day, for a total of $231 for the five day period.

The most expensive class or size of vehicle to rent is the full size car. At one place the price was $27 and $181. The most expensive was $42 per day for a total of $251.

What type of car might be considered an economy rental car? Both the most budget-friendly rental company and the most expensive rental company used the same vehicle. At either company you would be getting a Hyundai Accent (or similar) with automatic transmission and air conditioning.

If you opt for the full-size car, then you will be driving something like the Ford Taurus, with automatic transmission and A/C should you decide to rent from the cheapest car rental company. However, if you go directly to the company website you will see that they offer a Chevy Malibu for $32 per day. That's a little higher than going thru the Orbitz site.

For a full-size car with the more expensive car rental company, Orbitz didn't even provide that information. However, by visiting the company's website, I was able to determine that the full-size vehicle they offered was a Chevrolet Malibu for $42 per day, which is actually the same price quoted by Orbitz.

I returned to the Orbitz site to see what the cheapest auto rental rate would be if I wanted to rent the car over a weekend. I was stunned to find that it is actually cheaper to rent a car over the weekend than it is during the week.

Again the best bargain rental car was offered by was $13 for an economy car, picked up on Friday and dropped off on Monday. The most expensive car rental agency quoted $23 per day for the same vehicle class and days.

As you can see finding the lowest cost auto rental is just a matter of doing a little homework. By taking the time to visit a couple of travel sites like Orbitz and others you can easily determine which car rental agency offers the best rates. Remember I just gave you figures for one town in the U.S. The prices and types of vehicles available can vary widely depending on what part of the country you are in.

Learn by getting the cheapest auto rental should not include foregoing the auto rental insurance.

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