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Cheaper Insurance Quote

A little research can go a long way towards finding the best and cheapest car insurance

Looking for a cheaper insurance quote is extremely easy, but as I learned, it can sometimes be disappointing. After my car insurance rates went up recently, I decided I needed to shop around for different insurance. While the monthly premium had only gone up by $2, in three years, it had gone up by $10, and I didn’t like the direction it was heading.

First I decided to go back to my other choice for auto insurance, Geico, for a cheaper insurance quote. In the last 15 years, I’ve alternated between Geico and State Farm, switching back and forth whenever one raised the rates, which seem to happen after I would be with them for about two years. Well, I was surprised this time to find that the quote I received was actually a bit higher.

That was disheartening, so I decided to investigate some of the other insurance companies. First I went to Kanetix , which allowed me to fill out one form and would return quotes from several insurance companies. The process was extremely easy, taking maybe 5 minutes. Within a matter of a few minutes I had quotes from a couple of insurance companies.

There were 3 other insurance providers that required further information to complete the process. Of course, that took a bit more time, but all in all I was very pleased with the process. Unfortunately, none of the online instant insurance quotes returned a rate that was lower.

Almost immediately I began receiving emails from other insurance providers in response to the request through Kanetix . One was Amica and another was Esurance. Each provider returned a cheaper insurance quote which was encouraging; however, since these companies were fairly unknown to me, I decide to do a bit more research.

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In the case of Amica, they returned an auto insurance quote that was significantly lower than what I would be paying by staying with State Farm. A monthly premium almost 40% cheaper raised some red flags, so I did a Google search for consumer reports and complaints. I found a few great testimonials, but I also found quite a few that gave me some concerns regarding their response to claims.

After some more research, I decided that for the next six months I will stay with State Farm. I have found that they don’t quibble about paying claims, plus my insurance agent knows me personally, which brings me peace of mind. While I found a cheaper insurance quote, sometimes peace is worth two bucks more a month. - Compare car insurance quotes. You could be saving money.

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