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Fast Stats
Drivers are less likely to use restraints when they have been drinking. In 2002, 69 percent of young drivers involved in fatal car crashes who had been drinking were unrestrained.

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Anyone who has been in a car wreck knows it doesn't take much to implicate yourself in an accident that really isn't your fault.

1. Only speak about your car accident with your lawyer. Careless statements at the scene of car wrecks can easily come back to hurt you even when they aren't true. You just don't know where that information lands. Many people understand this when it costs them $1000's at settlement time.

"The lead car driver of a car accident was a man who I saw exit his vehicle just after the car crash. While huddled in the group of drivers, he said he didn't have a license or insurance. When the police arrived, he switched places with his girlfriend to make her the driver.
What he did was illegal and detrimental to my case, but what he said was just as damaging to his."

2. Talk with your lawyer first before you talk with your insurance adjuster.
A timely report to your insurance adjuster may be necessary, but talk with a lawyer first to organize the true facts of the case.

"What you say to a car accident lawyer is privileged information. What you say to an insurance adjuster can and is used against you."

3. Never Give A Recorded Statement.
A car accident involves many emotions and even today people will try to take advantage of you at the scene.
  The insurance adjuster is not your friend!
Your case could go into litigation months or more down the road. It's unlikely you will remember everything that you said and your recording could be used against you by either side.

If you don't have a lawyer who handles car wrecks, I highly recommend you speak with a lawyer first who will not take a percentage of car wrecks settlements.

I am Here to Help

After surviving a serious car accident I discovered where to get all the help I needed without worrying about a lawyer taking advantage of me and my situation. Much is on this website. If you have any questions that have been unanswered feel free to fill out the "Contact Mike Oliver" form and I will personally reply with the answers and make suggestions as to how you can get good help in your area to help you with your situation.

You can also feel free to call me directly at 214-235-2011 and I'll be happy to try to help answer any questions that you may have.

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