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Car Rental Payments

When you get a rental, niceness goes a very long way

Many car rental coverage policies are still written for US$20/day, I'm a tall and broad guy, so a $20 car wasn't for me. I pointed out that fact and that I wasn't at fault and asked what he could do. He upped it to US$30/day and later used this as a token of his extreme generosity to me. It wasn't. The other side would eventually get billed for it. 

Don't discuss the specifics of the accident with the opposing adjuster no matter what you are asked.  Don't give a recorded statement. If they ask you for this information, simply say that you are unable to discuss the accident specifics at this time and that you would be happy to give a recorded statement after settlement. 

Say the same thing over and over, if they ask you more questions, but always do it in a nice way. You can easily talk yourself out of a winning situation by revealing something you think is inconsequential. 

The opposing insurance company will most likely pay for your rental. If they don't, then you can- return to your car insurance company to explain this and to ask the agent to request it- make the claim on your own car rental insurance- have an attorney write a letter.

Here's a warning I wish someone told me about the rental car:

Stay in touch with your car repair company to learn when the car will be completed. 

The repair company might be contacted by the insurance company before you learn that the car is finished. This happened to me. 

Minutes later about 2pm the insurance company called my home phone to leave a message that as of 6pm that evening they were no longer paying for the car. 

That was a big surprise, since I had business plans that night and the repair shop was closing at 5pm. I asked for an additional day. 

They refused. I had to accept the charge, but when I returned the car the next day, the rental company said they would pick up the extra day charge. 

Another tip: When you get a rental, niceness goes a very long way.

    The day I walked in, I received a double upgrade.
    They needed the car back in 2 days for another reservation. I was happy to help them out.
    Two days later when I returned the car early, I left with a free triple upgrade for the rest of the repair period.   
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