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Will my car rental be covered automatically by the other's side insurance because he is at fault. Can I start renting a car before the insurance company contact me? 

What you don't know, is what will happen later.
I needed a car the day my car was hit by a driver who was clearly at fault at the scene and who had admitted fault at the scene. The at-fault driver in my situation later lied about running the red light.
My description matched the description of a 3rd party he hit ahead of me and I had 4 witnesses who 
corraborated what I said.
There was no way he could lie his way out of all that identical testimony.

That does tell you to still take your accident seriously no matter how good things look at first. Everyone will appear to be on your side at first.
After things settle out and the at-fault party discovers just what will happen to insurance rates and car expenses, morals and ethics can take a back seat to changing stories. 
That's another reason I say often on the site to document your accident no matter what the details and conversations are don't talk about it with anyone, even friends, except to an attorney 
You can rent a car any time you want. What I think you're really asking is, will the other person's insurance company pay for the cost of the rental from the time you start renting it.

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If you aren't working with an attorney, here's what I would do:  
Contact my insurance agent to ask if they have clearly determined fault with the other insurance company.  Even if you think the other person is at fault, an insurance company on either side may disagree. 

If they say yes, then ask your insurance agent how she recommends you obtain payment for a rental car now. I would do this only because I already have her on the phone.

You may have rental coverage on your policy, but I wouldn't want to make a claim for using it at this time.  You can contact the other insurance company agent and explain that their customer has been found to be at-fault and that you would like to know how to most easily get a rental car payment handled.
Always be kind in your conversation, but remember.....the agent on either side is not your friend! Say nothing about the accident specifics while still always appearing cooperative and helpful. 
Most large insurance companies have special arrangements with rental car companies, so the payment is automatically made from the insurance company directly to the rental car company. 

The other insurance company doesn't have to pay an upfront cost like this. After all, the settlement still hasn't been reached and it could take a couple years to complete.   Even so, most large insurance companies do pay for a rental while your car is getting repaired. 

Speak nicely when talking with the insurance agents, but just because you get a 'No' doesn't mean you should stop talking. My agent wasn't sure if the payout for a rental car could begin until a couple days later. Of course he knew.  He had been doing this work for a decade.  

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I needed the car payment authorized right then. I understood his need to investigate more, but it was necessary that I have a car immediately. I told him that. It took 3 times for me to say that in order to get him to say yes. 

Customarily the at-fault parties car rental coverage insurance should pay for a vehicle at least an equivalent to your own.

However, if you make a claim on your insurance, then you will receive a vehicle payment up to the per day value of your policy.  That might not be enough car rental coverage...  See:  Car Rental Payments

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