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Car Recalls  2004 (N - Z)

Recalls 2003 : Car Recalls 2004 A through M

This is the listing of cars recalled from N through Z. The NHTSA recommends waiting for the bulletin to arrive before requesting repairs to be done on your car.   Ask your new car dealer when the next recall update notice is expected. If they have it before your notice arrives they may accept your car for rework.

Safety recalls are performed free to the customer. See a new car dealer in your make and model.  Auto manufacturers are required to mail car recall notices to owners and also to dealers.
These notices get lost or discarded as junk mail.  However, even after attempting to notify customers, just over seventy percent of affected car owners will have car recalls completed.

When purchasing a used car, it's a simple matter to check recall reports or VIN number databases for recall work that should have been completed, but may have been overlooked.

Recalls can affect some resell values for vehicles.

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Call the NHTSA Auto Safety Hotline for additional specifics regarding your car and any possible additional issues: 1-888-327-4236.

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Nissan Recalls

Model Years Recalls/Notification
Quest 2004 Mar 2004

Oldsmobile Recalls

Model Years Recalls/Notification
Olds 88 1998-1999 Feb 2004
Aurora 1995-1997 Mar 2004
Bravada 2002 Apr 2004
2002-2003 Feb 2004
Plymouth Recalls Model Years Recalls/Notification
Breeze 1996-1999 Mar 2004
Pontiac Recalls Model Years Recalls/Notification


1998-1999 Feb 2004


2004 Apr 2004 
Saturn Recalls Model Years Recalls/Notification
Ion 2003-2004
Jan 2004
Jan 2004
Subaru Recalls Model Years Recalls/Notification
Outback 2001-2004 Mar 2004 - Automobile Recalls
Legacy 2001-2004 Mar 2004
Impreza 2001-2004 Mar 2004
Toyota Recalls Model Years Car Recalls /Notification


2004 April 2004
Volkswagen Recalls Model Years Recalls/Notification


2004 Feb 2004
Volvo Recalls Model Years Recalls/Notification


2004 Jan 2004


2004 Jan 2004


2004 Jan 2004
2002 Feb 2004

Recalls 2004 A through M

Contact the NHTSA for specific car recalls: The NHTSA Auto Safety Hotline is a free call: 1-888-327-4236