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Car Loan Calculator

Calculate Principle + Interest

An auto loan calculator is offered by every online car loan or mortgage company. These companies know that the educated car shopper has a better chance of getting approved for financing. When the consumer has already used an auto loan calculator to determine a car purchase price and monthly payments, it is less likely the buyer will attempt to buy a car they can't afford. Buying a car within demonstrated financial means is the first step to loan qualification.

To help you get become that educated car shopper Car Accident Advice is happy to give you the tools you need in order to purchase your next car. Whether you are replacing a vehicle that's been totaled in an accident or have just decided it's time to get a different car, use the auto loan calculator below to determine the base costs of your potential new vehicle. Knowing the monthly payments you can expect for a certain purchase price, will help you avoid the pitfall of buying a vehicle you just cannot afford at this time.

1. Calculate What You Can Afford
Use the car loan calculator to the right. Enter the values requested and the totals automatically adjust.

An auto loan calculator gives you an idea of what the monthly payments will be. What is not added into these figures are customary costs that many new car buyers don't add to the monthly payment. Be sure to add estimated insurance payments. Smaller costs such as registration fees and inspection certificates are increasing each year, along with upkeep costs such as oil changes, scheduled maintenances, and unforeseen repair costs.

2. Prepare to Sell Your Car Outright
Know what your car will sell for on the open market, before you approach a salesman.

If you have a used car to trade in or sell, get a Quote from Junk my Car for a professional offer. An offer in hand gives you a clear advantage over a salesmen who like to tell you that super value he can give on the front end, while squeezing the profits from the back end.

At the very least, you will know an actual cash value of your car with an offer in hand. That is far more valuable a negotiating point instead of walking in with what charts say.

3. Decide the Car for You and
    Stay Within Budget

Search around the net. Look at classifieds. Check dealerships, but above all stay within the budget you created above with the car loan calculator.

Wherever you sell a car, you most likely can buy a car, too. AutoTrader offers cars for sale online, too.

Car Loan Calculator

  1. Get a quote from Junk my Car
  2. Browse AutoTrader
  3. Stay Within Budget!


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Auto Loan Calculator


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