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Car Insurance For Teenagers

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Parents of teenage children soon learn to factor in the cost of car insurance for teenagers in their monthly budgets. Those who track accident rates can show statistics demonstrating that teenage drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents than older drivers, and insurance premiums for teens reflect the increased risks that insurance companies assume with these drivers.

A teen can keep a clean nose, take Driver's Ed classes, and drive within the limits of the law and still suffer the financial burden, simply because younger drivers often lack the experience to make good judgment calls in high-stress driving situations. The teenage years are a trial for many, yet the fact remains that if teen drivers were not involved in a disproportionately large percentage of vehicle mishaps, the rates for car insurance for teenagers drivers would be significantly less.

Efforts to train teen drivers into safe driving habits are common between parents, educators, and insurance companies, as well as law enforcement agencies, and are well worth the time spent. Statistics show significant drops in premium rates for car insurance for minors who pass safe driving courses whether given by private schools or within the public education system itself.

Insurance companies, for their part, recognize the value of rewarding teens who show enough concern for road safety to take driver training by offering premium car insurance for minors discounts to those who pass. At the same time, peer pressure exerts a tremendous force on teens who seek popularity and equate a fast car with success, whether in same-sex contests of speed or in youthful courtship ritual.

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Unfortunately, the fact that two tons of steel traveling at freeway speed can have a disastrous effect on one's future carries little weight in the face of the necessity to look "cool" to one's friends. Parents who seek to balance financial constraints against the inevitable growing process should enlist the help of their kids, for the sake of their pocketbook as well as their survival on the road. - Compare car insurance quotes. You could be saving money.

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