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Car Deer Accidents


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Car Deer Accidents

Car accidents caused by deer may not be all that common in New York City, but in certain parts of the United States Bambi can be a real road hazard. In fact, in parts of Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana and Maine, just to name a few, driving at night requires bright headlights, good brakes and lightening fast reflexes.

In other parts of the country, deer may be a small problem, compared to elk which are even bigger. Then in places like Idaho and New Mexico not only do you have deer and elk to contend with but cattle just love wandering down the middle of the road!

Have You Ever Hit a Deer With Your Vehicle?

If you have ever hit a deer with your car or truck we want to hear your story. In fact, if you've been involved with any type of motor vehicle accident involving a large animal (deer, elk, cow, horse, etc) then please tell us your story?

And if you have a picture of the vehicle, we'd love to see it.

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Other Stories About Car Deer Accidents

Click below to read the stories about other car deer accidents.

Deer in Indiana 
I've spent most of my life in a city, so I foolishly never expected to see a deer while driving to university (in a small Midwest town). It was late at …

Damage Was Caused by a Deer 
I gotta admit, I never thought I'd say I was in an accident involving a deer! I'm used to living in Arizona and not New York. My friend and I had gone …

Shockingly Fast 
When I was younger, I was on a family trip in northern Michigan. Were were driving down the freeway when a deer suddenly jumped in front of our car. The …

That Deer Haunted My Dreams 
This happened to me last May on the Friday right before Memorial Day Weekend. I am a caregiver for an elderly client and work in the evenings. It was …

Deer Jumps in Front of Car 
I was in upstate New York visiting a friend at college. I have never hit an animal before this because I'm from NYC. So I'm driving on some random road …

If ya can't dodge it, ram it Not rated yet
I have been in a deer accident, we were on our way to a basketball game when a deer decided to run in front of our truck. We could not stop so we hit the …

Oh deer! Not rated yet
I have been in 4 car-deer accidents. No people were injured fortunately. 1. I had pink eye in both eyes. My sister drove my car for me. The deeeeeeeeeeer …

The First Deer of the Season Not rated yet
My boyfriend and I were caravaning on Route 460 in Virginia, on our way to his parents' house at the beginning of our Thanksgiving break from college. …

Luckily the Deer Survived Not rated yet
I was driving home from work a couple of years ago and since it was hunting season I knew the deer would be active and moving around. Suddenly from the …

Cow Car Accident Not rated yet
I was in college and bunch of my buddies and myself had driven an hour to a casino. We all had a good time and were on our way back home at about 2 in …

Car Hits Deer Not rated yet
For a few months, I had to drive my husband almost 200 miles to go to work. I would drop him off on sunday night and pick him up on friday afternoon. …

Car Bumped a Bull Not rated yet
This was a minor accident on a road with no traffic. I was taking my driving classes. My trainer was a cool kinda person, so he let me speed up to 70 kph. …

Van and Deer Both DOA Not rated yet
Yeah, I must have heard that a thousand times over the last 15 years. I'd always been lucky, just about everybody I know out here has hit at least …

Buck on the Highway Not rated yet
When I was in high school, we had just bought a brand new Reliant K car. My mother was driving. We didn't live far out in the country, just outside the …

Car versus Elk Not rated yet
I was headed to work traveling on Highway 101 in Oregon early one morning. It was wet and rainy (what is new?), and I saw something out of the corner …

Bambi Commits Suicide Not rated yet
One morning on the way to work, we were rounding a bend in the car when my wife yelled "careful!" Before I could react to the glimpse of movement from …

The Magic Deer Not rated yet
My boyfriend and I were taking a road trip to New York. We had just left the movie theater to see the New Star Wars Episode I. He and I had gotten into …

Accident Caused by Deer Not rated yet
My wife hit this deer. It was at the cloverleaf intersection of I-694 and MN-36 just about dusk. She was driving our Saturn SL1 westbound to get to work. …

Deer Would be Roadkill Dinner Not rated yet
I would love to share a picture of this car, but unfortunately it happened 21 years ago. I still remember the occasion as though it were yesterday though. …

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