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Car Crash

by Lynn
(West virginia)

About five years ago I was in car accident. What I remember the most was that I had just gotten insurance on my car maybe the week before.

I was in the process of going through a divorce and had bought a cheap '84 Chevette out of our local trading journal because it was what I could afford at the time.

I had taken my kids to their dad's but one of them wanted to stay with me. He lived on a one lane road so on the way back from his house I saw a truck flying towards us.

We had got back into city limits but the road was still very narrow and I got as close as I could to the shoulder without getting up on the sidewalk. I braced for impact and just said "OH SHIT" cause there was nothing I could do.

He was in a big pickup truck and when he hit my car it crushed the front corner of the driver's side and pushed the car backwards some. When the cop got there he gave me a warning ticket for driving left of center!

Yeah left of center on what I thought was a one lane road. So my insurance went up considerably and I had to cover the cost of fixing my car myself.

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