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Car Accidents Reports

Common mistakes can cost you money later

Car accidents reports first start at the scene of a car accident. A police officer lists what he sees and submits his report that includes vehicle identification information, accident descriptions and witness contact information as well as witness statements.

That's a lot of information that can easily get transposed or written incorrectly. Surprisingly, the police officer car accidents reports are not the reports of greatest concern.

After an auto accident, you can easily and should request a copy of the police accidents reports in order to verify what is written. You can speak with the police officer or your attorney if there is an error.

The auto accident reports that can most greatly affect your future finances even years later are the listings produced by the insurance companies. Insurance companies can feed into many different databases that will use car accidents reports to determine everything from insurance premium charges to used car trade-in and resale values.

One mistake can cost you thousands! And for various reasons, mistakes by insurance companies appear to be common. If you have questions about filing your car insurance claims Auto Insurance Helper will simplify the process for you and help you 'get it right.'

The most common car insurance error on car accidents reports is the accident at-fault listing. When you aren't at fault in car accidents, then the accident often isn't listed against your driving record. However, when you are listed at-fault then your car insurance costs can skyrocket 10x what you should pay.

"It came time for me to shop for new auto insurance coverage. I was stunned to learn that my rates were more than 10x what I had been paying even when I lowered all the payoff limits and increased my deductible."

Internet insurance websites pull information from the same car accidents reports databases, so shopping around the net won't help.

The largest insurance companies with boiler room telemarketing order takers retrieve information from those same databases; so don't expect help from those businesses either.

Caution: Once you discover a skyrocketed car insurance premium, stop requesting quotes until you discover the cause. Each time you request a quote most insurance companies request your credit information and cause a hit to your credit report. Each hit can cost you from 7 to 10 points against your credit score just for a request.

There are two ways to identify what is going on when your car insurance skyrockets unexpectedly:

  1. Contact a local, independent car insurance agent who may research your car accidents reports file to tell you what to do. In many cases, you can submit a police report or settlement agreement that states you aren't at fault.
  2. the easiest way is to look for yourself by obtaining online AutoCheck history reports
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