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Anyone who has been through car accidents asks 
a same question:   What next? 

Just after car accidents there is a period of unrest that gets worse according to the severity of the accident.  Some people experience continued driving anxiety and even Post Traumatic Stress Disorders(PSTD) from car accidents that may appear minor.  Motor vehicle accidents  are actually the leading cause of PSTD.

Simple accidents often don't require outside legal help.  When both parties agree and both parties have insurance in minor car accidents, then it's usually a matter of contacting the insurance adjuster to make a car accidents claim.    

Even simple accidents that appear to have an obvious person at fault can turn into large problems later on.  Just because parties admitted fault or were told they are not at fault by a police officer through a car accident report, doesn't mean they still can't sue.

As in all car accidents, a most important part is to document everything.

When do you always need Legal Help?
It is strongly suggested to speak with a lawyer directly when injuries are involved.  

Previous calculations have changed according to interviews Success Readers have provided with various legal services.  Injuries change the claim to a more complicated calculation of a settlement.  

Injuries can also create long lasting issues that deserve monetary support long after the statute of limitations is over.   A tug of war starts in a settlement when injuries are involved.  

Auto accident claims adjusters are often asked for huge sums of money.  The adjuster has flexibility, but the claims adjuster is more interested in clearing her desk of cases than in denying a claim for a frivolous reason.  The adjuster has guidelines to follow (also called Authority) and when she is required to go outside those guidelines, she must now request special circumstances from her supervisor.

Television advertisements by car accidents lawyers brag about gigantic settlements their healthy clients receive after a car accident.  What they don't mention is just how many months that person laid in a hospital or how much therapy was needed to return the individual to the state of wholeness.  

State of Wholeness  
State of Wholeness is what you are getting legal help to manage for you.  The purpose of insurance is to return you to the state you were in prior to car accidents.  Of course, that's not always possible, and that is the reason extra damages for pain, suffering and additional money is given.  It compensates for the loss that can't be retrieved to restore you to original wholeness.


What primary legal help is available?

Yellow Page Lawyers
Look at the advertising jacket of Phone Book Yellow Pages in almost any city  and then look at the inside attorney & lawyer section pages.  You'll most often find an ad for a car accident lawyer on the outside and discover that the thickest section is filled by advertising attorneys and lawyers. There is big money in car accident settlements for lawyers.

How Yellow Page Lawyers work:
Most lawyers permit you a free initial consultation. 
You make an appointment with a secretary and come in to discuss what happened.  If you're in a hospital, the lawyer may come to you.  The lawyer takes notes and determines what she can do to help you reach a settlement. Much of this is based on how much money she can earn from the case. 
It's fair that a lawyer gets paid, but the amount varies from about 33% to 50% of the final settlement.   

This lawyer may request medical records or prepare documents that stop a doctor from demanding payment until after settlement.  Not all doctors are willing to work with such an arrangement.  This lawyer will also speak directly to the claims adjuster on your behalf and later, should the case go to court, this lawyer may also represent you.  

You get to speak with an attorney face-to-face within a few days of the accident.
The attorney or the attorney's assistant will make calls for you.

Expensive.  An attorney may front some money for some bills, but in the end a hefty portion of the settlement dollars are given to the attorney.  Yellow Page attorneys may be competent, but advertisement size is not an indicator of quality.  Trust in selection is difficult.

You can obtain researched legal assistance free by posting your case at Legal Match.  It's an excellent service, since you know what you're getting before you sign up.

Legal Do-It-Yourself-Kits exist in most every area of law and are sold online, in office supply stores and discount merchandiser shops.  It's understandable that many legal groups have challenged these kits over the years, but courts have permitted most states to sell them and now they are available online.

Car Accident Success Readers don't recommend Do-It-Yourself-Kits for car accidents, because laws and available information change over the course of a claim through final settlement.  Do it yourself kits are available for some wills, creation of powers of attorney and Living Trusts that some readers have used.

The most popular online Legal source of Do-It-Yourself-Kits is Legal Zoom designed by Robert Shapiro.

Settlement and Claims Do-It-Yourself-Kits are available for costs starting about $80, but why buy them when you can speak directly to a lawyer in your area who can advise you on items specific to your case.

The Car Accident Success Readers highly recommend Family Legal Insurance.



Legal Insurance
Legal Insurance has been available in the United States since the 1970's.  Europe has used Legal Insurance since the 1920's and today in some countries Legal Insurance is a requirement that more than 80% of households have.

The most common Legal Insurance company that started the industry in the United States is called Pre-Paid Legal Services.   For about $26 per month a person can speak with attorneys in most every specialty of law without expecting a bill at the end of the consultation.  

Since average hourly attorney costs in the United States are about $180/hour(varies depending on area), an hour or two of Legal Insurance consultation pays for the entire service for a year.  An average car accident can easily get to more than two hours of consultation charge after the initial free consultation.

Legal Insurance works on the same premise as other insurance.   A huge pool of people paying in just a fraction of  lawyers fees each month whether used or not lowers the cost tremendously.  Most previous incidents are accepted, so car accidents that occur prior to enrolling are usually covered.

A Closed lawyer system is important, since these are screened groups of AVA rated lawyers who are not influenced by consultation time or membership dollars.  A Closed system consists of lawyers accepted into a law firm that services members.  

Services include document and contract reviews, civil and some criminal representations, traffic ticket representation, attorney letters and phone calls, IRS court representation with a Tax attorney, 24 hour availability for detainments......... the list is long and included in the same monthly fee.  

Family Legal Insurance also includes a comprehensive Will with Powers of Attorney and available Living Trust.  Most include this for the same monthly fee.   If you do not have a comprehensive Will in place, no matter what your age or living situation, then get this service: Family Legal Insurance. 

Everyone needs a Comprehensive Will and yet almost 80% of the population doesn't have one.  Parents who unfortunately die in car accidents without a Comprehensive Will leave a difficult situation behind for their loved ones.  

You get to speak with an AVA-rated attorney during work days from your home on any subject without having to be concerned about paying a bill.  The services included extend to an entire family including children off at college full-time.  You get expert legal advice to do the leg work yourself and save big money on your settlement.  Should you need an attorney to go to court, Family Legal Insurance provides a significant hourly discount for qualified AVA-rated attorneys and a customer service department that expertly handles issues.  There is no contract, but depending on the company you are requested to keep it for a year.

You mail in medical documents and speak with a claims adjuster directly.

The Car Accident Success Readers highly recommend Family Legal Insurance.


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