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Car Accidents and Your Information File

 "The details you keep now can make or break your case at settlement time. "

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Car Accidents and Your Settlement Always Merge On The Information You Keep!
Document everything. The most trivial information about your car accident could become a determining factor years after the accident occured. Lawyers, juries and judges can use a car accidents information file to assemble the entire accident picture in a court room. The only way you can prove the opposition right or wrong is by keeping accurate, detailed information that documents everything involved in your car accident.

It's true that more than 80% of all car accidents claims don't go to court. That's even more of reason that a car accidents information file needs to be detailed enough for you to justify your case when negotiating a car accident settlement.

Your car accident may have happened yesterday, but a broken thumb might not be discovered for a month.

"I saw 3 doctors within six weeks before my thumb was X-Ray'd and found broken. Although the initial pain and break healed, I later developed ongoing pain that has remained now two years after my accident. Detailed documentation of this information helped me more easily obtain a settlement "

Technical accident reconstruction is forensic science requiring qualified investigators. Many car accidents don't need this type of expensive detail, but where serious injuries or death are involved forensic reconstruction experts may give you information about your car accident that can reveal true responsibility. If you were in a car accident that was this serious, then you should definitely have an attorney. Ask him if a car accident reconstructionist could be helpful in your case.

Protecting your interests now is what is most important. It may be difficult to believe that the only person looking out for you is you, but that appears to be the overwhelming truth.

As helpful as your attorney may be, the attorney is doing a job and may be representing many other car accident victims at one time. The attorney makes his money by obtaining a percentage of your settlement. The attorney may be helpful, but it is still up to you to ask questions, suggest the next steps, and stay in contact with the attorney regularly to keep his attention on you, so the job gets done well.

The insurance adjusters are absolutely not your friends. They aren't there to hold your hand or help you get the car accidents information necessary for you to succeed at settlement time. They all appear nice, but it's a mistake to tell them every fact you know. See: Car Accidents Information and Your Settlement

By documenting everything no matter how insignificant it may appear you're protecting yourself for problems that can appear years down the road before the Statute of Limitations has expired.

Medical Information and Doctor's bills are vital parts of any car accidents information file

  1. Collect and review copies of bills and doctor reports after each visit. If a doctor didn't list something you believe is important to the case, ask your doctor to add the information to his report.
  2. Keep personal notes of daily issues regarding your injuries detailed in your car accidents information file. You may feel perfect today, but months later things may change.

Property Damage

  1. List missing and damaged personal items you had in or on your car, such as glasses, luggage, torn shirt. Pull out receipts and research replacement values. Get an estimate of all damage as soon as possible. All items damaged become part of the settlement case. Add them to your car accidents information file. Take on-scene photographs of all damaged vehicles before repair, and damaged outside property(trees, light poles etc) especially skid marks.
  2. Say nothing. Sign nothing until you understand your rights. You can't take back an admission of guilt or a signature.

Lost Wages and Incidental Expenses

  1. Document your time and wages lost that are directly related to a car accident injury .
  2. List holiday pay or personal sick pay used to compensate you for time off.
  3. Talk with your attorney regarding incidental help required to take care of your home while you are recovering.
  4. Keep new vehicle travel, meal and lodging cost information and mileage logs required for recovery after the car accident.
  5. If you weren't working for pay, talk with your attorney about the value for your time lost.

Get this information documented now. You will be required to provide proof when it's time to settle. Proof can be tax return information and employer pay stubs and copies of checks.

Witness Descriptions

  1. Collect contact information for each witness at the scene
  2. When possible describe what you remember about each one's appearance, demeanor and what they said to you at the scene.
  3. Witnesses frequently become unavailable to give out information soon after car accidents. Attempt to keep address and telephone number information of witnesses until the statute of limitations is over or the case has settled.

Your Car Accidents Information File
At the car accident scene, it may appear clear to everyone who is at fault, but car accidents information you collect now can help you a year later when the guilty party decides she isn't guilty.

When people think of the potential impact a guilty plea can mean to them after a car accident, they sometimes change their position.

Write detailed notes as soon as possible after the accident.
Keep any information record no matter how insignificant it may seem.

Especially document anything you overhear at the accident scene. Show all information to your attorney before you send it to your auto accident adjuster. Say nothing except to your attorney.

I am Here to Help

After surviving a serious car accident I discovered where to get all the help I needed without worrying about a lawyer taking advantage of me and my situation. Much is on this website. If you have any questions that have been unanswered feel free to fill out the "Contact Mike Oliver" form and I will personally reply with the answers and make suggestions as to how you can get good help in your area to help you with your situation. I got through a serious car accident with adjusters who refused to give me information and lied to me. :-) Contact Mike Oliver

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