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Car Accidents in Snow

Winter car accidents in snow are why every vehicle should have an emergency car kit


Car accidents caused by snow are a grim reality of winter. But there are things you can do to lessen your chances of having problems driving in snow. This article offers a few tips.

#1: Whenever Possible, Don’t Drive in Snow

Perhaps you can wait until the streets are shoveled before going in to work, or even take a personal day. Most errands can wait until the weather has improved. Only drive in snow when you cannot avoid it.

#2: Get Snow Tires

Snow tires will help your car grip the road when you are trying to get started so you are less likely to get stuck. Snow tires also increase traction as you drive, making it less likely that you will lose control of the car.

#3: Increase Visibility

No one likes to shovel mounds of snow off their car, but it’s important to clear snow away from all the windows—not just one tiny little patch on the windshield—to avoid vehicle accidents in snowy conditions. Even if you are confident you can drive safely in snow, other drivers may not be as good as you are. It’s vital that you be able to see everything that is going on around you.

#4: Go Slow

Driving on snow can be extremely unpredictable, especially if there is ice beneath it. Even if you have snow tires or chains, drive slowly and defensively to avoid car accidents in snow.

#5: Learn How to Skid

If your car should start to skid, remain calm. Keep your foot off the brake and steer into the skid. If you are driving in a populated area, for instance, if your skid will take you through a red light, honk your horn to alert other drivers that your car is out of control.

No one likes to drive in unseasonable weather, and it is wise to avoid doing so whenever possible. But if you must drive before the streets are clear, these tips can help you avoid having car accidents in snow.

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