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Car Accidents Due to Deer


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Car Accidents Due to Deer

Car accidents caused by deer are one of the hazards of living in certain areas.

Annually, there are approximately 1.5 million car accidents caused by deer and elk. According to State Farm, the states with the greatest number of car accidents caused by deer include Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, Minnesota, Virginia, Indiana, Texas and Wisconsin.

Car accidents caused by deer can be difficult to avoid, but these tips offer some precautions that will lower your chances of being involved in a car accident because of deer or elk.

#1: Pay Attention to Deer Crossing Signs

A surprising number of drivers ignore these signs, which indicate areas where deer are especially likely to be found near or in the road. When you see a deer crossing sign, reduce your speed a little and make sure you are using your high beams at night. Your high beams will allow you to see deer standing near the roadway thus increasing your chances of avoiding car accidents due to deer.

#2: Keep a Close Lookout for Deer Around Dawn and Dusk

Dawn and dusk are the two times of day when deer are most likely to wander into the road. Deer are also hardest to spot during these times. If you are traveling through an area with a large deer or elk population, keep your speed down and your headlights on around these times of day.

#3: Know the Danger Season

Late fall is the season with the highest numbers of car accidents due to deer. Statistically, November is the riskiest month.

#4: If You See One Deer, Look for More

Deer often travel together, so if you see one deer in or near the road, assume that there are more close by and adjust your speed accordingly.

#5: Don't Depend on Deer Whistles or Other Such Devices

Research has shown these gadgets to be ineffective. In fact, they may actually be dangerous if they give you a false sense of security.

Car accidents due to deer or elk are always a real possibility when you are driving. Knowing the riskiest times of the day and of the year and by taking a few simple safety precautions, you can considerably reduce your chances of hitting a deer.

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