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Car Accidents Caused By Construction

Every summer sees hundreds of car accidents caused by construction.

There are many reasons for car accidents occur in and around highway construction areas. Here are a few of the more common ones.


One of the most common culprits in car accidents and highway construction is speeding, which can lead to losing control of one’s vehicle and rear ending the cars in front of you. Although speed limits are almost always reduced around construction sites, many people continue to blaze through complicated road construction projects at normal highway speed. To discourage speeding in and around construction sites, many states have now passed laws doubling fines in work areas.

Failing To Obey Posted Instructions

Some drivers are either so impatient, or so impaired by alcohol or other substances, that they don’t pay attention to special traffic signals or even road closures around construction areas. The result can be crashes with oncoming cars, accidents that occur when a driver crashes into a boarded off area, or accidents that occur when a driver runs his or her car off the road.

Not Paying Attention to Workers

Not paying attention to workers is another reason for car accidents in highway construction zones. We’ve all seen construction workers at road work sites. Workers doing manual labor are not always immediately visible and are vulnerable to being struck by drivers who are going too fast or who simply aren’t focusing on the environment around them. To protect construction workers, many states have enacted laws mandating stiff fines and even jail time for anyone who hits a worker.

Merging Issues

Merging when construction narrows a highway can become a matter of manners—or lack thereof. Some drivers merge as soon as they see signs that the highway will be narrowing. Others drive as fast as they can to the point where the lane is actually blocked, and then expect other drivers to let them in. Merging without paying attention to what the cars in front of and behind you are doing can lead to car accidents caused by construction.

Statistics show that most car accidents caused by construction occur at the beginning of construction areas, when drivers may be trying to merge, driving too fast, or simply not giving complex construction their full attention. You can avoid being in car accidents caused by construction by lowering your vehicle’s speed, obeying any special signals or directions, watching out for construction workers, and merging courteously.

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