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Car Accidents and Cell Phones


According to the Virginia Technical Institute and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, people using cell phones while driving are four times more likely to get involved in car accidents than their more silent counterparts.

Another study showed that 80% of all car accidents were the result of the driver becoming distracted—and talking on a cell phone was a chief culprit.

Car accidents and cell phones are a bad combination for several reasons. First, many drivers take their eyes off the road, and sometimes even their hands off the steering wheel, in order to dial the cell phone. During cell phone conversations, the driver may try to steer through obstacles with one hand, holding the cell phone in the other.

Even when the driver can make use of a speaker phone or an earpiece, cell phones and car accidents remain a dangerous duo. Sometimes even the act of talking on a cell phone can leach concentration away from the road. If you’re trying to solve a major staffing problem, for instance, or offer suggestions on getting through a budgetary crunch, you may not be focusing on the car ahead of you that just came to a sudden stop or the truck that slowed to turn without using a signal.

You can avoid the whole issue of cell phones and car accidents by pulling off into a parking lot or over onto the side of the road to make and accept cell phone calls. To be even safer, you can also make it a point never to talk on the cell phone in your car at all. Instead, wait until you have arrived at your destination before making a cell phone call or returning a missed call.

Car accidents and cell phones unfortunately go hand in hand. But with a little planning and some common sense, you can avoid becoming a statistic.

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