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Car Accident Story

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Car Accident Story

Car Accident Story - Hurried Drive to Church

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My Car Accident Story

In fractions of seconds memories of my life ticked across my mind. They were memories of gratitude as I looked at this young man and saw what I was doing at his age. His shiny new truck brought me to my big Oldsmobile my father gave me for graduation. His rumpled hair caused me to see my mother tugging at my own better-get-it-cut-today hair. 

Images in my mind were changing with every different glance of my eyes. 

The seat next to him was empty. I felt alone standing on that street filled with onlookers and stopped cars, and then I remembered the two people who were ahead of me in the plodding little truck.

Car Accident Story

They were pushed 200 feet further in front and then up onto the meridian past my car. The oncoming curb I prayed to miss was in their way, too. That little truck moving so slowly was hit with such force that it bounced on that curb three times before stopping crosswise to the way this experience all began.

I ran to them while looking at the faces in passing cars staring at me.
I almost laughed. They looked so odd driving by, mouths open and wide-eyed. I know they were trying to figure it all out. They wouldn't get it.

I could see movement in the little truck.
I pulled hard on the door to open it. In Spanish the driver was telling me his wife was in much pain. She looked so hurt, but I couldn't tell why.  The driver looked at me as though I came to save them and at that moment, I realized I didn't know what to do.

I never planned for this. In all my education with first aide and various health studies or in any car accident story I read, I never planned to look at a woman who was hurting in that way and know how to help her.

I felt so bad for these people.  It wasn't enough that his wife was fortunate to be alive.  I felt helpless and useless.

At that moment the atmosphere changed almost as though it went from very thin to very thick. People were coming over to offer assistance. I could hear all the noises of the street that I had blocked out.

It wasn't my responsibility anymore. I could return to my car and rest.

Car Accident Story

For a brief time I had been thrown out of my life and into just what mattered in those moments.   

What an odd set of thoughts. It was now time to take care of myself and from there I pulled out my cell phone to contact my insurance agent.  A police officer arrived.  

There were no deaths and no obvious injuries, but I had been changed. 
-Mike, Car Accident Story

Send us your car accident story and we'll publish it here for the world to read
My Car Accident Story

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  • An attorney will advise you of your rights, tell you timetables and offer important information to help you get a fair settlement that the insurance company may not present.
  • An attorney may possibly pay for medical bills in advance if she believes the case will win that money back.
  • An attorney can write a demand letter for settlement to the insurance company which carries much more significance to the insurance adjuster than a letter you write on your own letterhead.

Do you need an attorney?

  • An attorney will present documents in court when necessary, but the fact is that almost 95% of claims never go to court.
  • The most contact you have with an attorney is by phone after the free initial consultation.
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