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Car Accident Story

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Car Accident Story

Car Accident Story - Hurried Drive to Church

The memory of a car accident story returns in slow motion with an astonishing list of details that gets freeze-framed from beginning to end over end over end.

On the way to church I was driving behind a small truck that seemed to plod toward the upcoming red light.  I was a few minutes late on my way and watching these two people ahead of me jabber away in that truck was getting me out of my Godly mood.

The light turned green, but the truck too slowly moved forward. I became frustrated as the driver fixated to the right. He visibly gasped at what was just about to come into my view.

A brand new grey-blue Chevy Silverado blazed through the opposing stop light to broadside his little truck. I tried to stop, but my car slid into the Chevy's rear side.

Car Accident Story

I was aware of everything all at once -the trees, the right turn attempt to avoid the big Chevy that would have caused a different accident, my church books on the seat, how bright blue the sky was, the position of cars in my rear view mirror.

I was aware of every other street and car and pedestrian and sidewalk and house that caught my eye.  When I look back, it's as though I had 360 degree vision.

I noticed the curb in front of me, but my car was sliding toward it. "Oh God, don't let me slam into that curb."  I knew that hitting the curb would have changed what was happening so much, but with that thought...

Pow!...I heard a strange noise and then I was looking through white fog. For a moment....just a moment....I asked if I was dead, and honestly, I was waiting for people to step through to greet me. Those expectations didn't last long as the answer fell into my mind that the airbags exploded.

The airbag powder cleared quickly since the air conditioner fan was still running.  Now I could see cars stopped outside and people from across the street were staring.  That's what people do.  They stare.

Then I felt frightened. "Could I be hit from other cars that don't see me?" I opened the door not knowing what I was to step into. The warm, bright sunlight hit my face and I felt better.  It was familiar. I was alive.

I saw the Chevy Silverado that barreled through the red light. This wasn't just any car accident story, this was happening right now.  I ran over to check if the young driver was injured.  "Are you OK?," I yelled through the glass. His head was down, eyes closed and he didn't respond.

In a flash of a second I thought I was looking at dead man.   I pounded on the window and yelled again. This time I saw slight movement. What could I do to help him? And I yelled and pounded once more as the reality of this entire experience was falling in on me.  His eyes started to open and with the most searching look he gently shook his head "Yes."

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What does a car accident settlement attorney do?

  • An attorney will advise you of your rights, tell you timetables and offer important information to help you get a fair settlement that the insurance company may not present.
  • An attorney may possibly pay for medical bills in advance if she believes the case will win that money back.
  • An attorney can write a demand letter for settlement to the insurance company which carries much more significance to the insurance adjuster than a letter you write on your own letterhead.

Do you need an attorney?

  • An attorney will present documents in court when necessary, but the fact is that almost 95% of claims never go to court.
  • The most contact you have with an attorney is by phone after the free initial consultation.
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