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"You don't have to sign car accident settlements immediately.  If you are getting pressured to sign off on your claim by an insurance company or another party's attorney, then stop talking with those people until you've learned what is necessary in your case.   Talk with a lawyer if necessary, but you do have time after an accident to get proper information and medical assistance before you either sign a settlement in your car accident or lose the claim forever.

"Slow down and sign documents only when you are ready to release the claim. You can't undo a signature even when you didn't understand everything."

Car accident victims are most likely to sign off immediately after the accident. You do have time limits, but you don't have to sign on the dotted line just because an insurance agent asks you to do so.  Know your rights and learn the Statute of Limitations for your locality.

Signing off too early on any Car Accidents Personal Injuries claims can forever release your claim from further action you may want to take.

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Don't cash medical bills checks until you understand how they will affect your case and settlement. Cashing a check can sometimes signal an acceptance of terms.

If you are cashing an insurance check for specific assistance, such as medical bills or paying another insurance company deductible, then read on the Memo area of the check that the agent wrote that need.   Any word such as "General ...." or that sounds ambiguous could be a sneaky method to get you to sign away your entire case.   Don't accept a check that isn't specifically intended and clearly marked for how you agreed to use is such as "Towing Reimbursement" or "Car Tire Reimbursement." 

There is a lot of money at stake in most car accident settlements. Insurance adjusters are often like kind old ladies with poison apples. Take a small bite from what they offer and your case can end that minute.

Car Accidents Personal Injuries Can Appear Minor. Injuries that seem to heal today can later develop into life-altering issues.

"My broken hand seemed to heal just fine, so it was time to call my lawyer and finish the claim. It was almost a year after the accident and suddenly my hand began to burn at the break site. Within a week I needed another X-Ray."

Health Care Release

Only related car accidents personal injuries records are required to be given to your insurance company. However, an insurance company will ask you to approve medical record access from your doctor. What they won't tell you is that they are requesting your entire file.

"The insurance company sent medical release documents that would have released my entire medical history to the insurance company instead of just the records related to my accident."

Once your entire medical history file is sent out from your doctor's office with your permission, you don't know how that information can be used.

You can obtain the specific injury records from your doctor and send them yourself or ask your doctor to send those specific records for you. Authorization to Release Car Accident Injuries & Settlement Health Care Information

Insurance companies can drag their feet when it's time to pay doctor bills or car repair invoices, especially when submitted by an individual driver. There are time limits. Some insurance companies automatically approve payments when submitted with a letter by an attorney.

Usually, the claims adjuster will offer an amount that appears reasonable.  However, it's recommended by most car accident settlement experts to not accept the first offer.  Estimating a Personal Injury Settlement helps to explain why and what is fair and reasonable in common accidents without serious injuries.  It is possible with specific formulas to estimate car accident settlements within an acceptable range.

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Document Your Case

Statutory deadlines require settlement within a fixed time. In many states that may be only 1 year. That's not a long time, because car accident documents and legal surprises always add unexpected preparation time. Victims lose out when they wait until a few months before the statutory deadline. 

If you’re not getting a fair and adequate amount of money for your injuries, a personal injury lawyer can help you file your claim.

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One of the most recognized authorities in car accident settlements is Dan Baldyga.

Dan is a retired former national claims manager for one of the nations largest insurance companies. He was an expert company-side witness in hundreds of cases who saw how badly consumers were taken advantage of by the insurance and legal systems. He wrote his first self-help book and was promptly fired.

Dan Baldyga is a selected Car Accident Settlements expert.

Dan's expert information is great for the everyday, non-technical reader: 

How to Evaluate & Settle Your Loss

What does a Car Accident Settlements attorney do?

  • An attorney will advise you of your rights, tell you timetables and offer important information to help you get a fair settlement that the insurance company may not present.
  • An attorney may possibly pay for medical bills in advance if she believes the case will win that money back.
  • An attorney will write a demand letter for settlement to the insurance company which carries much more significance to the insurance adjuster than a letter you write on your own letterhead. Compare car insurance quotes. You could be saving money.

Do you need an attorney?

  • An attorney will present documents in court when necessary, but the fact is that almost 95% of claims never go to court.
  • The most contact you have with an attorney is by phone after that free initial consultation.
  • Car accident lawyers

Why are timetables important in a car accident settlements claim?

  • Know the Statute of Limitations for your locality.
  • Legal time limits put an end to the date you may submit any car accident claims for your specific accident.
  • Submit your car accident claims at least a few months before the statue of limitations expires whenever possible.

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