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Car Accident Poems

Car accidents aren't funny, but the excuses often are

Car accident poems are quite common, much to my surprise. But an online search will reveal a number of poetry sites that allow people to submit their original poetry. Among those submissions are a number of poems about car accidents and the usually tragic results.

For those poetic souls who best describe their feelings in verse or rhyme, car accident poems are the obvious response to a car accident. By putting pen to paper they are able to lance the boil of pain and let out the poison that is affecting every area of their life since the car accident.

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Sometimes they have been in the car accident themselves and they just need to express what they are feeling. Other times they have lost a beloved friend or family member in a fatal motor vehicle accident. These poems then are both a tribute to the person who died and a cathartic exercise for the poet.

Some car accident poems are long and eloquent, obviously written by skilled wordsmiths. At other times the car accident poetry is crude and amateurish, but written with such raw emotion that the pain is palpable.

Most poems about car accidents are based on true life and real experiences, however, occasionally one will find a poem that you want to hope is real. One such is the poem about the accident on Highway 109, that has been the basis for an eRumor that has circulated around the internet, often in those “feel good” emails aimed at bringing a tear.

“An Angle Walked the Beat Last Night” written by Ruth Gillis
tells a fictional story about a car accident involving a drunk driver that hits a car driven by a woman.

As the emergency personnel are working to free the woman from the bloody wreckage she keeps frantically asking about her two boys who were riding in the back seat in their car seats. Sure enough in the crushed and glass spattered back seat are two car seats, but no sign of the boys, even though the straps are still locked and secure.

A search is made but no boys are found, until suddenly a cop says they are sitting in his squad car. When asked how they got there they boys say their dad put them there and told them to wait for their mother. The cop has looked for the dad and when can’t find him which isn’t good because he obviously left the scene.

It’s then that the grateful mother explains that the dad couldn’t have left the scene of the accident…he’d been dead for a year. So when the police report was written about the car accident the bottom line of the report read,
“An angel walked the beat tonight on Highway 109”.

So true or fiction, car accident poems have a place in both poetry and in the post-car accident recovery process.

Car accident poems.

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