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Car accident pictures are an important part of accident documentation. These images are useful after every accident because they can be used to determine the cause of the accident, or find out which of the parties involved is to blame.

Photograph anything that may not even seem important.   Photograph points of impact.  Photograph the light fixtures and identify if they were working or not working at night.   Photograph the tow truck and take pictures of your vehicle before and after it was moved onto the tow truck.

Pictures of the accident scene and car damage of all cars involved is supportative in your documentation especially when you intend to file a personal injury claim.

These pictures are also useful for your own files on the accident and to keep a clear record of what happened for review possibly years after the car accident.

Important items to make sure you picture in car accident pictures are

  • damage to the vehicle
  • any damage to the surrounding area

You’ll want car accident pictures of the parts of the car that impacted either with the surrounding area or with the other car.  You’ll also want pictures of anything on or off the roadway that might have been damaged during the accident.

Photograph cars now moving around the areas where your accident occurred.   Photograph people walking by.   

Certainly photograph the other people involved in the accident and photograph the damage to their vehicles.  Previous damage to another party's vehicle doesn't belong in your accident.

Car accident pictures can make the difference in a borderline case and they can verify simply statements that may change over time.

Car accident pictures are important when the car has been totaled, impounded and crushed before the claim has been completely filed.  If you are not comfortable taking the pictures yourself, have someone take the pictures for you.

Also, most insurance companies will take pictures of both the accident scene and the car damage so that it is easier to determine a fair settlement to your claim. This could be long after the actual accident.

The insurance company isn't working for you. Have your own set of car accident pictures.  Take a ruler and a camera to the accident scene.   You don't have to measure out the entire area, but you do have to have something in the pictures of a known size.   Place the ruler somewhere in each photograph.   Put a friend at the end point of the skid marks to indicate the size of the area.  Since your friend is of a known height, the perspective in the photograph to other items will be clear.

Even if they don’t seem immediately necessary, pictures of car accidents can be crucial to the success of your claim.

Do you have car accident pictures of your accident in any electronic form.   Post them on for the world to see.
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